Shocking Video-Perp chases girlfriend, kicks her, lands punches, throws knife and NYC releases him immediately with no bail

This is a perfect example of how the system is failing due to insane democratic policies recently enacted! Pretty crazy! What is even more bizarre are the other people who casually sit or stroll by while these violent are unfolding.

Surveillance footage showed Jay Vazquez-Paulino as he confronted the young woman inside the Superior Package Company, where he worked, and began to hit her, according to Mid Hudson News.


At one point in the video, Vazquez-Paulino went outside the facility and appeared to hide a large knife in his shirt sleeve. Once he reentered the building, he allegedly threw something at the victim and punched her several times.


Moments later, the suspect tried to kick the woman as she talked on the phone. He then appeared to throw the knife onto the roof after he exited the building. Following the incident, Harriman Village Police Chief Dan Henderson expressed his concern that New York’s criminal justice laws were protecting defendants and not the victims.


“My fear is there will be a lot of recidivism and that the victims will no longer be protected if we are not able to not only arraign, but to get bail on these subjects and put them in jail right after the incident happens,” Henderson said.


Thanks to the state’s bail reform laws that provide immediate release from jail without posting bond.


Vazquez-Paulino was charged with menacing, criminal possession of a weapon, attempted assault, and harassment.


“The fact that it is captured on video goes further showing the strength of the case and the fact that he did have an intention to do harm here,” said Orange County District Attorney David Hoovler, adding that the suspect should have been put in jail.


“The real issue here is that this gentleman was released with a ticket and given an order of protection and again is free to terrorize this woman, which in domestic cases there should be bail and situations are often used for a cooling off period to allow parties to cool off,” he concluded.