Shocking moment in Texas classroom…

Another example of society in its early stages of breaking down.

“Female High School substitute teacher fired for hitting student

  • KYLE, Texas — A Hays CISD substitute teacher was fired Friday after a video showing her fighting with a student surfaced online. The video shows Tiffani Shadell Lankford, 32, approaching the 15-year-old sophomore girl and then punching the student in the face.*

  • According to Hays CISD, Lankford had worked for the district since Aug. 30, when she underwent orientation training. The district says her first job in the classroom was on Sept. 13 and worked in a classroom a total of 18 times.*

  • On Friday night, Lankford was arrested and charged with aggravated assault.“*

Go to the other video in the link. It shows the student throwing the first punch. Although it’s hard to see what the teacher was doing to cause that kind of reaction. I it looks like from the angle of this video and the other she was pinning the girl back with her right hand getting ready to throw punches? I’d say the student looked to be defending herself.

What that teacher did goes beyond the pale of being wrong. Glad to see her charged with aggravated assault.

Did you see the head stomp at the end of the video as well? :grimacing:

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I deserved every whack I got. I was a disruptive little fucker. Learning came easy to me; but as a kid, it never occurred to me, other students had to struggle.

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That video looks incredibly racist to me.

Here is the uncensored video:

@DMK - completely disagree with your assessment of this. The girl was sitting at a desk, practically the definition of non-aggressive posture. This black woman couldn’t handle words and reacted with violence (shocker). There is no place in this world for such behavior.

Well Jim, you’re modest if nothing else…

What I said was the girl looked to be defending herself (throwing the first punch).

I am agreeing this teacher was way out of line. Perhaps my wording could have been better.

No worries - this is going to go the same way all court cases go for blacks lately. Here is a demonstration:

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This is happening everywhere. Segregation should have never ended. Case in point, here we have a 15 year old who got brain damage because impulsive chimps are enrolled as “students”

Does everyone realize that generations before us tried to warn future generations about this?

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13% = 50%


Damn - I’m seeing red after watching that video. The school lawyers moved mountains to block that video from being released. Nothing will happen to this piece of shit despite him sucker punching that kid and going ape shit.

A pissed off black person is the most uncontrollable animal on the earth…and it doesn’t take much to piss off a black person.

A black person recently stabbed another black person to death outside of a Popeye’s Chicken Kitchen for breaking line.


Not very optimistic about the future of this country.

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I assume there isn’t anything racial about this BABOON hitting this student. There isn’t anything said about the type of home he comes from and his parent(s).
He definitely needs to be PERMANENTLY suspended and put into juvenile detention at best until his case is resolved.
Maybe this student wouldn’t buy the drugs he was selling (joke).

I see a felony assault and battery there. Her ass belongs in prison.

I’d love to know what set her off.

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That first right hand crossing by the student is a defensive block.

The N-word. What else?

You have a transcript or are you just making shit up again?

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Come up with something better, if you’re so smart.

I’m smart enough not to make shit up.

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