Shocking moment in Texas classroom…

I read a long twitter thread on this. Teacher told students not to use phones. Most students were black and brown. All kept using phones. She singled out white kid tried to take his phone. He said no unless everyone got them taken. She tried to take phone. He swatted her away. She went full Planet of the Apes on him.

If you take away a phone from a black kid, it’s racism.
If you take away a phone from a Jewish kid, it’s antisemitism.
If you take away a phone from an Asian kid, I don’t know what it is, but white kids are always fair game.

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A nun told my mother, I was the only student she ever had who made her curse. Straight A student or not.

Since teachers can’t really discipline kids anymore for ignoring them, perhaps it would make sense to have cell phone blockers on during class time.

I would only teach if I could bring along my Service Wolverine. I was interviewed for a teaching position at a state prison, pipe fitting. I was asked during the interview, how I would handle an unruly prisoner. I said, depends on what tool I’m holding. I didn’t get the job.


There is a real easy solution for disabling cell phones in class and it costs less than $30.00, and students can’t do anything about it. Teachers are suppose to be the smart ones no?

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How about a sign: Anyone caught using a cell phone will be beaten within an inch of their life; and the cell phone will be shoved up their ass. Plus you will fail the grade. Too much ??? Or cell phones could be prohibited in the classroom. Keep em in your locker until you leave class. A disabling feature is also good Dr. M.

Actually, they are supposed to be the adults in the room. If the kids piss and moan about it then they can go sit in detention. :wink:


I’d love to see that sign posted :rofl:

Remember the days when if your parents had an emergency they called the office?

Kids need to sit an learn without distractions. I can’t even imagine why they are allowed to have a phone to play with during class.

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Digipoo, its AMAZING, for once you make sense. Were you struck by lighting???



Now that right there is funny.



He’s learning. I never thought it would happen but there it is. Keep that in mind if you ever get tired of posting. Only way to get the truth out is to put it out.

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DMK and Sir, you have have to admit we have plenty of entertainment on PB.