Sharp 80% rise in liver cancer deaths in UK,

DUH! Alcohol is a carcinogen, it always goes hand-in-hand with team sports, and most of humanity is now obsessed with those team sports, so it isn’t very difficult to put two and two together and arrive at that correlation is it?

Is the water in the UK fluoridated?
Sodium fluoride is carcinogenic.

I honestly don’t know if there is or not is the answer to that question. All I do know is that boozing is the national pastime.

Imagine the ground water below Chernobyl. Just slowly spreading to deep wells. Shazam. Good job Russia, no containment buildings; and there are many other nuclear power plants in Russia with the identical design as Chernobyl. I’ve done water purification & water treatment systems for many years. I’ve had wells so polluted, I could not do an accurate field test, and had to send samples to labs for accurate analysis. More often than not, in farming areas where serious amounts of fertilizer runoff was the culprit.

Damn - I hadn’t even thought about that as a factor Jim. Is that possible?

Only so much fresh water on the planet. Often ignored, even though it’s our most precious commodity. Most water ( most, but not all ) can be made safe to drink, but $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. Grandma Vilula always told me: You don’t shit where you eat. Try to imagine the 100+++ years of industrial waste finding it’s way into the Mississippi, and then meandering down to the Gulf. Then we have staggering amounts of mercury used in gold processing in South America; and that ends up in the rivers, and then the ocean. Hard to believe we are considered thinking animals, ain’t it?

I am dead right; the root of all human misery, in some way, shape, or form, is GREED. Poison the planet for short term profits. Diminishing returns; but make those staggering profits. Collateral damage at it’s finest. I always said, coal & oil are too valuable to be burned. Infinitely better uses; if used properly. I am a firm believer in serious hydrogen generation. Ya burn it & the only exhaust is pure water. A win win win win win for the human race.

Perhaps when you guys actually Brexit people will drink less? Sadly - that probably won’t happen any time soon.

Thee are no sub surface aquifers large enough for the UK and Russia to share a common source of ground water.

What’s the extent of fracking in the UK?
That’s another factor.

I forgot the name of the nuke plant there facing the Irish Sea which is harming the surrounding area.

There have been times when this Brexit farce has made even me turn to the demon drink.

Is there nothing you’re not an expert on, TWR? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I often wonder if this obsession (and it is obsessive?) with football and rugby isn’t a form of social engineering being undertaken by the alcohol industry.

Sports and other (cheap) entertainment is the typical manipulation through the media to prevent people from focusing on the real issues which are affecting their very lives.

And with the innovation of EVs there’s going to be the need for hundreds more newculer power stations - maybe even thousands? I mean, all that electricity to power billions of cars and trucks etc has to come from somewhere? Oddly enough, I think that long before every car on the planet is an EV, there will be advances in propulsion technology which will outdate even EVs, and it’ll become a question of 'Did we really need all those nuke power stations, every single one of them a possible environmental catastrophe waiting to happen a la Chernobyl.

Yep. a kind of chewing-gum for the brain to ‘bury bad news’? Actually, every time Russia suddenly pops up out of the blue into the MSM news for one nefarious (fake?) reason or other, I always suspect that an unmitigated disaster, domestic or foreign, is being covered up.

And you never hear about the persons directly affected, such as the Skripal father and daughter, like they never existed.

Dramatic reduction in populations of the US, UK and Germany.
What does that mean?
White genocide?

Right, but they existed alright - they were the main actors, and deserved Oscars. Like one of my sigs says ‘the bigger the lie, the more there are who’ll believe it’?

Wait a cotton-pickin’ minute - what has that to do with the sharp rise in liver cancer deaths in the UK? How the hell did this thread morph so drastically! Apols all round. :grimacing:

You don’t need to be an expert to know there are no subsurface aquifers that large anywhere in the world.

A freshman geology class covers that nicely. Maybe you should have gotten an education somewhere along the line instead of filling your head with conspiracy nut bullshit.