Sharp 80% rise in liver cancer deaths in UK,

Population reduction by cancer.

It still has nothing to do with Scripal and his dodda though? And I don’t know how aquifers got into this thread either. Maybe I’m losing it? :dizzy_face:

I’m talking about the cabal who want to destroy Europe and reduce its population
by war with Russia,
by cancer and radiation,
by migration of Africans
and by artificial financial crises
and to dumb down the younger generation through sports and cheap entertainment.

Understanding such tactics is called connecting the dots or simply putting two and two together.

Seems odd that you both acknowledge and deny human activity harming the environment.

The opening narrative of Bitter Lake is ‘The West has become a dangerous and destructive force in the world’. Not Russia, or China, but ‘the West’, and that’s us? And who can deny it, after Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria?

It probably includes Japan which has been ruled by the international banksters since mid 19th century.

Japan was instrumental in the Russian Revolution by attacking Russia in 1904 without any declaration of war. Sounds familiar?

Japan’s invasion of China in the 1930s led to the eventual victory of murderous Maoists. Coincidence?

I’m not interested in the past - what’s done is done. I’m only interested in the future, because that matters.

The enemy is the same, pulling the same tricks in the past, present and future.
They are very good at manipulating blind nationalism (call it patriotism, if you like)

As for liver failure, it is useful to cleanse the liver with olive oil on a regular basis, so that liver cancer can be prevented.

This thread has drifted so much that I’ve now lost interest in it.

The medical establishment is in cahoots with the banking mafia and mass media, so they will never tell you why there is a rise in liver cancer deaths, if that is true at all.

I never denied what harms the planet; but our liberals who are circling Mars want to believe there is an overnight fix. I wish we had clean safe energy; but it won’t happen at the snap of a finger. It must, short of a miracle, evolve. Edison developed wax cylinder recording; but it took 100+ years to move to digital recording.

No, and I don’t know anyone who believes it could. But it has to begin NOW with ample R&D and adequate funding.

Hydrogen is thee fuel of the future. R&D should address that with a vengeance. It burns so clean, you cannot see the flame; and the only byproduct is pure water.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- One gallon of gasoline yields 125,400 BTUs of energy while a gallon of liquid hydrogen yields only 34,643 BTUs or 27.6% of the energy in a gallon of gasoline. But ( BUT ! ) hydrogen, in the scheme of things, IS LIMITLESS, CLEAN, and when the smoke clears ( excuse the pun ) just waiting to be generated.

There have been claims of engines what run on water.
There is one version whose inventor was murdered. If this particular invention is fake, why would its inventor have to be killed?

There are also magnetic motors. One motor requires electric input, but its output exceeds the input. So there. There is free energy.

I do believe Nazi Germany had the UFO technology which was transmitted by a medium or channeler Maria Orsic.

And as I suggested above (I think it was this thread) hydrogen will very soon be perfected enough to be fool-proof against explosion in road traffic accidents, and then EV’s will become a thing of the past - and we won’t need all those nuke generating stations any more, nor have all those billions of spent batteries to somehow dispose of. I have a feeling that electrification of vehicles as being the way to go hasn’t really been thought through?

Now, what to do with all that nuclear fuel? I guess just bury it. Out of sight, out of mind. Hard to believe we are considered thinking animals, ain’t it?

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