Second Massive 7.1 Earthquake Hits Los Angeles… Watch Live…

Is this a warning that a big one is coming?

This link has some crazy videos associated with this particular latest quake!

7.1 is like 50 megatons of energy release… albeit over a million times slower than a nuke.

Well ,as I see it California needs a massive shake up .

It’s the weight of all those meximonkeys smashing down on the earth, an illegal wave like none other, and now it’s literally tearing our once great country apart.

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If the big one hits this weekend California will come crawling to the rest of us looking for handouts as usual.

When they do we should cite “muh 5th largest economy” and tell them to go figure it out on their own.

Is there any chance that the entirety of Silicon Valley will be reduced to concrete pancakes? Because that would make me happy.

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The 9th circuit will rule these quakes unconstitutional and a racist Russian plot.


The destruction of Sodom and Gommorah from the earth below.

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No racism there right…:roll_eyes:

Btw, the epicenter is in the high desert region halfway between LA and Las Vegas.

No one cares about racism anymore. You can thank the left for over playing the race card a few million times too many.


Mother Earth cleanses herself in what makes her ill!

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Why are you constantly posting nonsense?
Are Mexicans a different race than most Americans? I think not.

Maybe you could use a science education instead of MSM indoctrination. “Mexican” isn’t a race.

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Who are you even responding to. Your post is a jumble of other quotes and whining. Just reply to the person you are whining too.

Exactly. Now if New York can also have a massive quake the country can start healing again.

There’s no over playing THOT’s comments.

40+ million illegal third worlders does add a lot of weight tho. Let’s be clear.

Are you responding to me? I cannot tell.

Well there is always the possibility of this:

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You are submitting to your snowflake virtue signaling again! People like Thot are only expressing their disdain for people who for the most part are invaders, to a sovereign country in which they broke the law to get into and were not invited! They can call them anything they want, they are not above the interest of US legal citizens and don’t deserve a single privilege!

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And that DOES NOT make someone racist. Can you imagine if we all illegally migrated to Mexico - I’m sure “gringo” would be the nicest thing they would call us.

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