Scientist Discovers Toxic Chemicals In Beer And Wine Bottles

This place needs a science category, for topics like these. I wonder being a wine connoisseur if this is now something new to worry about! Scientists are now saying that elements found in glass products that are present in beer and wine bottles contain some nasty toxic particles that can hazardous to ones health.

Apparently, it is only harmful to alcoholics, but then so is being an alcoholic so the point gets lost somewhere along the way.

All I can come up with is: MORE REGULATIONS.

Exactly. Which has always been the point and the reason for consumer protection regulations to begin with. I really never understood right wing opposition to such from the beginning.

There are Regulations and there are Regulations. Common Sense should be in play.

Years ago I worked at a facility that employed 100s of people. Enormous building. Emergency exit doors every 30 feet. In comes OSHA. The new regulations were, exit doors every 28 feet.

Ok…can we agree that industry needs regulating to ensure consumer protection…Is it too much to ask that we not have cadmium and lead in our products…?

Trump has mocked regulations and insisted that every added regulation be offset with a discarded one. That makes zero sense.

Did this make sense? Years ago I worked at a facility that employed 100s of people. Enormous building. Emergency exit doors every 30 feet. In comes OSHA. The new regulations were, exit doors every 28 feet.


I’d have to actually see the OSHA report that called for the measure before I could voice an opinion on that.

Btw, the Dr. that conducted the analysis of beer and wine bottles said that the HM’s are of sufficiently low concentrations to not be any serious health concerns to any but alcoholics.

The figures I used were a more or less distance, but the idea was silly.

As our ability to detect every more minute amounts of chemicals we’re going to find out that there are toxins present at some level in everything.

I don’t find this surprising at all.

It only becomes an issue when they are found in quantities sufficient to cause physical harm to us.

I’m not trying to set you up, I’m sure you don’t have access to OSHA’s report on the need for doors every 28 feet but I’d sure like to see it.

Corporations almost never take the health and safety of their employees into consideration. It’s typically disasters that lead to regulations that improve labor health and safety.

Greed and the bottom line is what drives corporate interests.

I always said, GREED is the root of all human misery. I have personally focused on becoming a minimalist. It makes life much more simple ( and actually rewarding ). My Last Will & Testament reads: “Being of sound mind, I spent all the fucking money”.


That’s complete BS. Corporations are run first by people and second by bean counters. If they didn’t care about the health and safety of their employees they’d all be bankrupt.

Correct. When you think of the history of humanitarian disasters in manufacturing and production throughout history, (speaking US history) the safeguarding comes from labor succeeding in pushing congress to enact regulations. Regulations are what have lead to improved worker health and safety. :+1:

Sometimes bankruptcy is the way out. I have personally seen it. My father died from mesothelioma. My mother filed a dozen lawsuits concerning different asbestos suppliers. 10 of the companies bailed. The suits are in stone, but I doubt any of the companies will be back in business; and no doubt, there was legal shuffling to stay in business & still avoid paying.

Personally I have no problem with that, particularly if foreknowledge was proven, which is often the case.

So … the intelligentsia are really putting their minds into how to get someone else to pay for their beer.

Turner and his team purchased bottles of beer, wine, and spirits from national retail outlets between September 2017 and August 2018, with bottles sizes ranging from 50 ml to 750 ml.


Apples have cyanide in them. (In the seeds.)

For that matter, we’re all consuming glyphosate (Roundup) in our general food supply. Lots of other toxins too.

I’m not suggesting any of that is right. I’d rather that we put our focus on reducing toxins in so many of the processed and manufactured marvels in our world rather than worry about carbon dioxide. But the clickbait mentality ginning up panic over the latest “discovery” of doom is just an example of the general gullibility of our population.

I thank Mother Nature for my liver to filter out a lot of that crap for me.

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