Saudi Arabia arms sales

Republicans and democrats WORKING TOGETHER to block the president from selling arms to Saudi Arabia.

Nice to see some bipartisan work on the hill…

Isn’t the SECDEF running around the world trying to get countries to buy American defense products? I always thought the MIC called the shots with Congress…who knew?

The MIC is most certainly heavily influential with congress…

I bet you were as excited about blocking sales to SA when Obama was selling to them.

What a joke your posts are!

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I’m anti war, always have been. That makes me opposed to the MIC and sales of American weapons to anywhere in the world at anytime.

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Same with the Amish …

Obviously, the additional $8 billion in sales proposed by Trump are the straw that breaks the camel’s back.


Same with President Eisenhower who warned us about getting pulled around by the balls by the military industrial complex.

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And yet instead of that happening they have helped us become the most advanced and deadly military in history and the one on this planet that can do things with a handful of troops and weapons that others could not accomplish with thousands of aircraft, planes, tanks and millions of troops.

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And nobody listened to him. Endless war is what it’s brought us.

Yes…the earth was peaceful before the recent American military industrial complex took control.



And it doens’t change the fact that the USA will still need to be the strongest military in the world for the threats we will be facing in the future! If libtards like you had their way American citizens would bend over and take it up the ass by Communist China! Its what your emperor Obama’s apology tour was about! If only we can ship people like you out on trains then we wouldn’t be facing half the threats from within.

I really thought that was why we kept Canada as an ally… to take in stupid weak dumbshit liberals when we needed to be strong.

Yeah, well China practically owns Canada now, so your theory seems proof positive that may be the case!

Yeah, what have we squandered in the Middle East alone, in just two decades, 6 trillion, and the pro war vicious crowd here doesn’t flinch, but talk about spending a fraction of that on say feeding, clothing, educating and providing healthcare for their fellow Americans and oh hell no, we can’t do that…:flushed::roll_eyes:

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You.mean illegals…not fellow americans

I think it’s more related to Saudi Arabia’s murder of a journalist without any consequences.

Mostly we just needed a buffer zone between US and the Russians.

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Their people, their problem, none of our business.

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And now, Trump wants to raise the risks of nuclear confrontation in the ME by helping SA become a nuclear power…:roll_eyes: