Sarah Sanders--3 for 1 Bitch Slap



Their very first move would be to send boat loads of TAXPAYER money . My God , what an asinine question from one of our affirmative action “reporters”

I’m going to miss Sarah. She’s by far the best PS in my lifetime and the only one that could handle that Mob at the WH as she has.

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I love how these reporters pretend to be asking questions when they are really just making partisan political statements.


The White House press briefing room should be modified to silently spray fart smells up from the floor under the chairs of those who ask such “questions”.


But you’re talking about doing that to people who roll around in DC shit all day. They would probably enjoy it.


Of course Trump supporters want journalists who will ask soft questions. Thats why Sean Hannity is so popular and why Trump has been interviewed 40 plus times by his unofficial press secretary.

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There is a difference between asking a soft question and asking a loaded one.

The press are bias and it is showing.

America is quickly going the way of the UK in this regard.

No one said “soft”. But Trump haters probably encounter this word alot in their private life and imagine they read it at times and places when in fact it is not there.

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So are you saying that Sean Hannity does not give Trump the easiest time possible with his interviews?

Not one question is even remotely challenging just like when Trump is on Fox and Friends.

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You are talking about one anchor on one network that gives Trump an easy time. Chris Wallace and Shep Smith of Fox are just as hard on Trump as anyone at CNN or MSNBC.

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I am pretty sure I said nothing about Sean Hannity. wait…lemme check.

Nope…no mention of hannity in my post.

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The MSM Press Corps is nothing but a waste of space in the Press room from the pablum insipid questions they asked of Obama and his PS to the accusatory questions they asked of GWB and the insulting questions they ask of Trump and Sarah, they are nothing but a bunch of buffoons.


I’m really going to miss Sarah. I think she is going to go down in the books as one of the best press secretaries in White House history.


Yep, both at CNN and at Fox that’s what we get. Unfortunately we’re not going to see a return to real journalism.

No, they’re not Hannity and Carlson, but “just as hard”???:rofl::rofl:

Sean isn’t a reporter or anchor. He’s a talk show host and admitted activist.

He doesn’t hide is bias while claiming to be fair and objective.


Sean is neither an anchor nor reporter. He is by definition an opinion journalist, the TV equivalent to a Newspaper Opinion/Editorialist.

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For the benefit of @toastedcheese

Don Lemon is an American journalist and author. Source

Lester Don Holt Jr. is an American journalist and news anchor (same source, wikipedia)

Charles David Todd is an American television journalist. (Same source…wikipedia)

José Díaz-Balart is a Cuban-American journalist (same source, wikipedia)

Sean Patrick Hannity is an American talk show host and conservative political commentator source

See the difference, Sparky?

Four of these people are pretending to be journalists.

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That will be the tone of the script of the Democrat Party Debates also.

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