Ruth Bader Ginsburg Will Retire from the US Supreme Court in January 2019



The next Justice will be a woman.


Could be. There are several good prospects on Trump’s “go to list” but even they will face one heck of an uphill fight.

One of the best prospects I believe is a Catholic and with the anti Catholic bias among democrats today she’ll be savaged in the hearings.


It’s unconstitutional for Dems to be applying a religious test, but the media does not care. The Dems are doing this because the people they are attacking are Catholics and pro life.

The “Catholics” in the Dem party like Pelosi are pro abortion of course.

That’s the only reason why Ds are trying to stop judicial appointments of Catholic nominees. And it’s despicable.


It’s also going to bite them in the ass. The Majority of Hispanics whom they are courting are Catholic.





What does one’s gender has anything to do with one’s ability to judge?


It doesn’t have anything to do with ability, but a woman nominee would take a lot of potential ammunition away from liberals who will try anything to derail ANY Trump nomination. The goal is to have another conservative Justice confirmed. A woman nominee improves the chances of doing so.


When you cave in with leftist’s demands and idiotic identity politic agendas just for this, who is really winning here?

I agree with you to a certain degree, however, because it might sadly come to such. Good news is, we still have the senate.


When your enemy has an effective weapon, use it against them.

There are certainly female candidates on Trump’s list that are solid conservatives/constitutionalists.


Now I don’t know how true this is but Santa Manica Observer is now saying Ginsburg is fighting pneumonia…now before saying Observer is fake news they did break the story that she had cancer couple months ago.