Ruth Bader Ginsburg Will Retire from the US Supreme Court in January 2019



Been posted…you can thank @LouMan. :wink:

BTW…it believe it was same thing as Safiel posted almost 2 years ago when we had this discussion shortly after Trump was elected and Gorsuch nominated for the bench.




I did. The fact remains there is a process for removal.


There’s a separate process for justices that are incapacitated other than impeachment. Saf explained it once and gave some examples.

Impeachments are for misconduct, not for incapacity.


That would be impossible specially under today’s political climate…and there is no Constitutional or statutory mechanism in place to handle this contingency.

Unless the justice him or her self put in place contingency plan in case of them being incapacitated.

Ginsburg has no such plan that I’m aware of.


There is, Saf explained it a few months back.


No there isn’t.

McKenna back in first quarter of 20th century suffered a massive stroke…and he hunged on for 10 year before Taft and other SCOTUS members pressured him to resign. And he was severely debilitated to point he couldn’t speak, write, function etc.

Show me where in Constitution that it’s possible…not someone opinion. :wink:


Justice William O. Douglas had a stroke in 1974 at the age of 76. He refused to retire despite a resulting disability (and nearly a decade of questionable writings prior to the stroke.) Seven of the other justices voted to defer to the next term any decision in which his vote would make the difference. He didn’t retire for almost a year despite urging from other justices. Finally, in 1975, his close fried Abe Fortas convinced him to step down. Even then, he tried to serve in a senior judicial status, but the other justices refused to cooperate with him. Some people apparently just don’t know when to call it quits for the good of the Nation.


That may be why there now is. All I know is that Safiel laid it all out in his usual well documented fashion.


Actually there isn’t unless she has what you might call a living will where encase if she was incapacitated.

Otherwise their is nothing in Constitution except for impeachment process.


“Ye shall know them by their fruits”

Imaginary poll:
A. I want this woman to get well, knowing that she will not step down during a Republican presidential administration and congress.

B. I want this woman off the court even if it means she dies from her ailments.

C. I know that the choices are only A or B but am ashamed to say what I really feel.


I just ran across this.


RBG is in critical health. She hasn’t shown up for work for some time, but she says she is working from home. I give it 1-2 months before she retires.


It’s going to be fun if Trump can pick the next judge to replace here i next two years, but it has to happen well before 2020 election because of so many Repug senate seats are up.


It will be worth the nausea caused by each and every progressive asshole we have had to endure just to see Trump put three justices on the court. :smile:

I’m gonna start a mail order business specializing in selling sackcloth and ashes to libs… maybe with a coupon to Starbucks.


Kethledge. Has to be.


Technically I agree with you, but at the same time it’s the law and the courts that let things happen like when companies offer ‘lifetime’ warranties, but then set an end date for what a ‘lifetime’ is.

If they want ‘lifetime’ to mean lifetime, maybe they should rule like it does in the future. :grin: :laughing:


I know both of us wanted him. Down to earth common sense justice with a sense of humor instead of Kavanaugh…but Trump wanted to please the establishment.

And that he is definitely a originalist with track record to match.


They haven’t been playing by those rules for several decades.


I won’t wish death on her but I do wish she’d be gone tomorrow. If we get past about June of 2020 without her retirement, voluntary or otherwise the chances of Trump getting a third pick through end up somewhere between slim and none.