Robust Discussion Concerning Moderation

Keep ■■■■ out of the judiciary.

To quote Eustace Mullins (whom I knew personally),
From the Byzantines, Pound derived his no-violent formula for controlling the ■■■■■ “The answer to the ■■■■■■ problem is simple,” he said. “Keep them out of banking, out of education, out of government.”

You people are demented.

Dismantle the Federal Reserve
(■■■■■■ owned)

Keep ■■■■ out of education
so that they won’t poison the minds of the young, (Eustace Mullins)

Keep ■■■■ out of the government
Bush family, Hillary and Bill are ■■■■■
What a fine mess they got the US into.

Absolutely insane…

Insane but correct. Never trust what TV tells you

Nothing you’ve posted even remotely resembles “Correct”.

This place is like a 100 watt lightbulb for the ■■■ haters, no?


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It appears to be a regular STORM if you know what I mean. These guys are so stupid though it’s pathetic.


Don’t know what you mean.
I speak Hebrew, by the way, so I know what Zionism is all about

Bullshit. Zionism is and always has been about the reestablishment of the state of Israel.

They succeeded which is why all of you have your panties in a wad.

Sure ya do Sparky…

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Zionism as we know it was started by the Rothschilds in the 19th century.
(I thought you knew something but ■■■■■■ history)

But traditional Zionism is all about rule over goyim

It looks like there is a real danger that they could overrun the site, and the strange thing is, one Mod apparently endorses and protects them. If I were the site developer, I would be concerned. It would be a shame to have to slam the door shut and reopen anew again.

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Either you are just a liar to your very core, a complete idiot, or both.

When their every bed has a ■■■ under it I’m reminded of an old line from my gaming days: “Shhhh! I hear a danger lurk!”

They would be laughable if not for the fact they are so dangerous.

Well, we can always taunt them a second time…

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The French haven’t been dangerous since Napoleon left. :blush:

Who financed Herzl?
Don’t you know?

I wish it was possible to distinguish Zionist ■■■■ (Israel firsters, along with nutty Christian Zionists) and American ■■■■ who are law-abiding decent citizens. For the sake of brevity, I just say “■■■■■ with a caveat that there ■■■■ who are anti-Zionist

BTW, Ginsburg was a Talmudic ■■■■ the worst kind