Ruth Bader Ginsburg - Dead at 85


Some people love what they do and can’t imagine life without work.

In Ginsburg’s case I think it’s all about power though as it is with many judges, they don’t want to give up the power. Additionally it’s about politics, she’ll do whatever she can to prevent Trump from being able to name her replacement.


It would be a felony and cost the doctors/staff at the hospital to conceal her death and it would cost them their licenses.

Trump can’t be impeached and removed from office as long as republicans hold a majority in the Senate barring some irrefutable evidence that he’s committed an egregious crime or literally sold us out to Putin. Neither of those are remotely likely.


Give president Trump his third pick and watch 500,000 liberals drop dead . :rofl::joy::rofl::rofl:


Mark Levin for SCOTUS.


OMG !!! You want the dems to blow a gasket , can you imagine the uproar !!! :exploding_head:


Laughing eeeeeevily at the thought of dey lil heads go boom!


The hearings would be epic on a scale no one has ever imagined and I think he’d be great on the court.

I think I’d rather see Ted Cruz appointed though just due to the age difference.


Mommy Justice is the only option to replace RBG.




Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s absence this week from Supreme Court oral arguments – her first since joining the bench – has touched off a burst of speculation as well as low-key planning from the White House about the possibility of a departure.


RBG should’ve retired when Obama was President, but wanted to wait until Hillary was in office to let her appoint the successor.

Now she’s barely alive and won’t retire since that means Trump would appoint her successor.

The Left freaked when Trump appointed Gorsuch.

The Left had a meltdown when Trump appointed Kavanaugh.

They are not ready for what comes next.


Best time for her to have retired would’ve been 2013-2014 after Obama had just been reelected and Democrats still controlled the Senate by a comfy margin. Would’ve kept that seat safe for another 25 or 30 years. But Ruthie felt she had the right to remain on the Court for as long as possible and now she’ll likely be replaced by Trump and an expanded Republican Senate. I give her maybe 6-12 months. They’re desperate to keep her alive as long as possible.


Why do people want her to die? Of all of the possibilities, death seems like the harshest.

I don’t really care for her one way or another… but I would never wish death


Why is death harsh? It comes for all of us and is a part of life.


Wishing death… not just death in general.


I wish death upon all radical Muslims and their indoctrinated children…continuously. I wish death upon all terrorists.


Whatever floats your boat!


Yeah, a bit over the top.

“Take a look at the beautiful river of blood. … Children are swimming and playing with boats.” – Domino, Genesis


Indoctrinated terrorist children take bombs into schoolyards…killing themselves and innocent children nearby. I’m just trying to help them get their expected rewards.

All terrorists (and their indoctrinated children) are nothing more than rust on the ship of life.



I don’t wish RBG dead. I just hope she doesn’t live much longer. We need to get an actual conservative on the court. I don’t want to see another Kavanaugh.