Russian military aggression

Russia’s mission was to protect president Assad from another western led regime change and so they prioritized their attention according to the greatest opposition to Syrian forces, which was not always the Islamic State. Many other factions fighting to topple Assad were armed trained and supported by the US, Israel, Saudi Arabia and others.

China and Russia have prevented the US from regime change in Syria and I suspect it will be their goal with regards to Iran.

First of there is no way the US wants to go to war with Iran, this is mere Sabre rattling because Iran is getting desperate! The sanctions are working. If Iran does anything to provoke US interests it will be met with a coalition force not the US. Trump knows the dynamics at play here, and with new technologies being used to extract Oil from other parts of the world, Iran, Saudi Arabia know their gravy train is ending soon, and so they will be fighting for what is left of their market share. Trump knows not to get sucked into their conflict knowing perfectly well it would be suicide for his agenda! The Iranian people are already fed up with their regime and are ready to revolt, and the US will aid whoever is leading that cause without boots on the ground! There is no way the American people will tolerate another armed conflict where we have service members who already paid a huge price for being in the ME for the past 20 years! This is going no where to the point that another US led war is going to happen! Iran knows if it disrupts the worlds oil supply route, that it would be suicide because that would mean it would involve European interests as well, which in turn would mean a Coalition force that would seek to secure the straits of Hormuz! This latest incident with a Russian destroyer is nothing more than media stirring shit up when in reality this was an act of gamesmanship between two old time foes!

BTW China hasn’t done shit, so this nonsense you are going about China and Russia stopping the US from regime change in Syria is horseshit from you! You have no idea what you are talking about and coming from you it’s not surprising!

Sure, but that’s not what’s at play regarding US plans/attempts/successes at regime change in Somalia, Sudan, Iraq, Yemen, Iran, Syria and Libya.

Acetually by attacking tankers Iran is creating the very conditions that would get the US public to support a war with Iran.

So far the attacks have yet to make any real movement in oil prices but let oil shoot back up high enough to push diesel back to 5.00 and gas back to 4.00 plus the economic impact on the US will be dramatic and that will change the entire equation.

If they should be dumb enough to fire on a US flagged vessel then we’ll have to respond with dramatic, overwhelming force.

It isn’t the US that is pushing this thing to a head, it’s Iran.

Right now the world sees the US as divided and Trump as weakened by the whole Russian collusion BS and this kind of conflict in the making is the inevitable result.

There was no regime to change in Somalia, the US didn’t lead anything in Libya, that was France and the UK, Sudan was a failed state at war with itself being led by utterly brutal butchers.

Lebanon has been a puppet state of the Syrians and Iran embroiled in civil war for decades with no popularly elected national leadership and Syrian has been collapsing from within for a decade, hence the Syrian civil war.

Our only involvement in Syria was to chase the remaining elements of AQ and ISIS down who had fled there, to stop the US of WMD’s against civilians by Assad, and to hopefully position ourselves with a new ally if/when Assad’s regime fails or the country is divided.

China hasn’t done squat in Sryia, Russia is just protecting Assad for his own interests and to keep Syria as a buffer zone between Russia and the US.

Putin needs Syria for his pipeline projects to the gulf.

They could checkmate him from what???

There is no proof that Iran attacked the tanker(s) and there’s no reason for Iran to do so.
Iran hasn’t bothered its neighbors for a long time, except it was attacked by the CIA puppet Saddam.
Sure, Iran helps the Shiites in Syria and Lebanon who are under attack from the usual Zionist puppets.
Russia doesn’t need oil from Syria or anywhere else. It has its own oil and natural gas.
It’s Israel and its puppets who have been stealing oil from Iraq

USFP in the ME transcends administrations. And Russian/Chinese opposition to the US has less to do with “globalization” and cultural destruction and more to do with balancing US power.

Both Russia and China prevented the US from conducting regime change in Syria with double vetos each time HRC was dispatched to the UN.

China has made abundantly clear that they view the US dominated unipolar world a threat to global security and they will continue, with increasing enterprise, oppose the US at the UN when they think merited, and they will continue to spend a greater percentage of their GDP building up their military and creating a blue water navy toward the end of balancing global power.

It’s the regular gang of four or more who brought Russia and China closer together.
Look at the military spending of Russia compared with that of the US. Peanuts.
How many aircraft carriers do Russia and China have?

Although China IS the New World Order, it doesn’t want the whole world go up in flames in a WWIII, as crazy Zionists and idiotic Christian Zionist fundamentalists want.

They think the messiah won’t arrive until the world is completely destroyed first. Well, no thanks.

No, China is not looking for WW111. Much the opposite as I’ve been pointing out, they want to bring a balance of power as a means to strengthen global security.

“In terms of political power equations, the world has seen it all in about a century – “multipolar” to “bipolar” to “unipolar” (and perhaps even “powerless” for a while). If events of the recent past are any indication, we could soon have a new formation – a “tripolar” world, with China joining the United States and Russia at the helm of global affairs.

While the United States has fought to maintain its “superpower” status during the last decade and a half, Russia bided its time on the sidelines. Then, in 2015, it reminded the world that it was no pushover in the “great powers” competition by intervening in Syria, thus altering the course of events in the Middle East.

Three developments in the last few weeks demonstrate that China could be preparing the pitch to further advance its stake in a triangular competition for international influence – President Xi Jinping’s anointment as “leader for life”; the meeting between President Xi and North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong-un; and Beijing’s imposition of counter-tariffs on imports from the United States.”

Yeah, I agree with that which is a big concern.

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Yes, Russia’s spending is less but it’s a larger portion of its GDP.

Same with China. China has helped President Assad and Syria in many ways and is also responsible for thwarting US plans for Syria. They have blocked all attempts at the UN for the use of force and sanctions. 6 vetoes in all. And they are financially helping Syria.

In October, China also delivered some 800 electrical power transformers to Latakia as part of a reconstruction grant. Huawei has an agreement in place through 2020 to help Assad set up a broadband network. Additionally, the China National Petroleum Corporation also holds major stakes in the Syrian Petroleum Company and Al Furat Petroleum, the two largest Syrian oil firms.

Implications for the United States

China’s support for the Assad regime strengthens the regime and its Iranian and Russian backers while increasing Chinese influence in the Mediterranean theater, and undermining US-backed norms of responsible state behavior.

Don’t be dismissive of China, they’re working on they’re third AC now and a fourth is in the works.

Iran has been bothering it’s neighbors for more than 40 years particularly with their state sponsored terrorist activities.

They have a huge interest in provocating the current tensions in the gulf, namely forcing the Euro’s to take sides to avoid out of control petroleum prices which will destabilize, put into immediate recession in in the short term, and could lead to a depression in the long term if their is any significant reduction in the free flow of oil through the gulf region.

At the same time, anything they do to drive up oil prices benefits their ally Putin as his entire operation is dependent on petroleum prices. They higher petroleum goes the more it benefits Putin and the more it makes Europe dependent on Russian supplied Petro.

Petroleum is Putin’s stranglehold on Europe and always has been.

Well that’s completely false. The Messiah’s arrival is not dependent on the destruction of the rest of the world. If the rest of the world were destroyed there would be no need for a Messiah at all.

You don’t need an expeditionary capability to fund, supply, and conduct insurgent operations or terrorism, nor to defeat large standing military forces in a war of attrition.

All true. Saudi Arabia, Israel and the US are the biggest purveyors of terrorism.


It’s not all just about ■■■■■ In simulations by the RAND Corporation, in war in Russia/China’s back yard, the US gets its ass handed to it.

RAND Senior Defense Analyst David Ochmanek discussed the simulations at the Center for a New American Security (CNAS) in Washington D.C. last week. “In our games, where we fight China or Russia … blue gets its a** handed to it, not to put too fine a point on it,” he said, during a panel discussion. Blue denotes U.S. forces in the simulations.

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That’s correct. “■■■■■ may be oversimplification, but who really controls these corporations?

Bottom line: Zionism vs humanity