Russian military aggression

For several years now Russian air and naval defenses have been engaging in provocative maneuvers against European countries and the US. It seems to be escalating. And the most recent seems particularly brazen.

At the same time, Russia and China are forging ever stronger military ties while the pentagons annual report to Congress warning of the growing military threat from the two seems to go ignored. Congress seems too preoccupied, or complacent sense the US has been the worlds sole super power for so long now.

This is all part of the strategy of a joint effort by Russia and China to edge out the US as the lone supper power, both of whom have been critical of US abuse of power since the fall of the Soviet Union, and especially since the illegal (at least in their eyes) invasion of Iraq in 2003.

Both of them have increased their military expenditures exponentially around the same time and they have both been conducting joint military exercises with increasing frequency.

They both began overt opposition to the US at the UN around the same time, lending limited support to the Libyan operation and then criticizing it for not strictly following the UN mandate there, which in turn caused them to shut Clinton down on all three attempts to secure a UNSCR for the use of force in Syria, citing the abuse of UNSCR 1973 in Libya.

NATO planes violating Russian airspace, or flying into Russia and immediately chased away.
Whose aggresion?
This reportage is less than a year old.

about 2:00

Who is financing this laboratory of death in Georgia (Caucasus)?

Who shot down Malaysian MH17?

If you’re suggesting that we do it too, yes, I agree.

They will have to be taught a lesson.

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From FOX News

Chilling World War III ‘wargames’ show US forces crushed by Russia and China

Well then, Americans boys will die no more for ■■■■

I don’t think that that has to be the inevitable, but if American arrogance and foolish pride doesn’t change, that could well be the case.

Europeans can checkmate Ivan anytime they want if only they step up to the plate.

Complacency and arrogance has much of the west paralyzed. It’s US and European warmongering coalitions in the ME for decades that has Russia and China responding as they are. Both countries have decried the unipolar world as a threat to global security…

IMO it’s elitist snobs pushing globalization and destruction of culture, traditions and heritage to benefit the few.

That’s the cause of root problem IMHO.

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Well I can appreciate that, and that’s a whole other problem. But the problem detailed in the op and throughout the thread is a military problem caused by the war mongering west the past few decades.

And from congress on down, Americans are ignoring it.

The third one is already in construction.

More people around the world worry about the threat posed by the United States’ use of power and influence than they do about similar threats from Russia or China.

In South Korea, 67 percent of respondents listed the U.S. as a threat. In Japan, it was 66 percent.

Mexico was third, with 64 percent of respondents calling U.S. power and influence a major threat.

Honestly, who got rid of ISIS in Syria?

The US military under Obama had been bombarding no-man’s land in Syria for years. US Air Force pilots stated they were ordered to bomb deserts where there were no enemy forces.

When Russia stepped in, the game was over in a matter of few weeks. The Russians mean business.

Ура Россия!

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It’s not that the US couldn’t have, under any president. But it began with Russia and China preventing it by blocking the US from getting a UNSCR for the use of force in Syria. After providing limited support for UNSCR 1973 in Libya and seeing how the US and NATO abused it there, they both said hell no to all three attempts by Clinton to secure the same for Syria.

Long term USFP has been regime change for Syria, so there was no genuine effort by the US to do anything to the Islamic State in Syria because of course there was the common goal of overthrowing president Assad.

Whereas, Syria being an ally to Russia, and home of their second warm water port, they did everything possible to protect president Assad, including beating the hell out of the Islamic State.

Under the Obama administration, both of Russia’s warm water ports, Tartus and Sevastopol were threatened at the same time.

The timeline of the fall of ISIS shows us otherwise.

The Russians have never been focused on ISIS.