Russia claims to have deployed Avangard hypersonic missiles that 'cannot be intercepted'


Maybe now’s the time for NATO to stop with its sabre-rattling and seriously consider getting the fuck off of Russia’s doorstep pronto, lest they tweak The Bear’s tail once too often, and he turns around and bites NATO countries’ asses; they obviously think they’re still dealing with the USSR. :roll_eyes:

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I can’t believe that 69 members have read this thread opener and has nothing to say about it.

The same kind of propaganda the Russians have been using to scare old women and little children since Stalin took over.

Russia could not afford to sustain a full on war for more than a month.

That’s why they have the nukes.
Same for North Korea.
The US never attacks a country with nukes.

Neither do any of the other nuclear powers.

Unless they want to destroy their own country they aren’t going to go nuclear.

Here’s a reply: image


Zap comix! Bravo, fellow geezer.

So you think NATO should cut and run from the Russians? That kinda defeats the entire point of why NATO exists. How about European countries start paying for their own defense and giving Russia leverage and stop buying their energy from them.

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It’s important to point out that this weapon would have had undergone the majority of it’s development under Obama’s presidency and may contain some of the uranium bought via Hillary Clinton’s Uranium One deal. The press has conveniently left these facts out.


This weapon does not exist. 20,551 mph is not possible.

The SR-71 Blackbird max was 2193 mph at altitude. The heating caused by aerodynamic friction at that speed (and lower) caused the fuselage to expand. The aircraft leaked fuel on the ground because of the gaps to allow for expansion.

There is no way that Russia greater something that could fly 10x faster than that…with the ability to control it and reach it’s target without disintegration.

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Maybe ( sigh ) all the major powers should just cut loose; and then we can regroup & start over with the few remaining survivors. Back to square one.

You may want to proofread and edit that a little.

Challenger exploded at about 18,000mph.

ICBM’s will reach around 22,000mph at peak speed.

Hyper speed is absolutely possible with the right materials especially at very high altitudes from 40,000’ on out into space.

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You mean Columbia, Challenger exploded during take off. :wink:

Bluff always works in politics as in the poker game.
NATO outlived its supposed usefulness.
(The Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact are no longer.)

Smart people should be asking, who’s playing games with us?
And Putin knows the answer.
You will never know the answer if you watch CNN and football.

While it may be technically possible, I’m not buying it either.

At around 45.000’ and doing 18.000mph.

Not really, as long as we have NATO and a substantial presence in Western Europe stability is maintained.

Now if you want to talk about restructuring and redeployment in the New Member Countries we can have that discussion.

And don’t forget the millions you spend on floating coffins - aka aircraft carriers.

When was the last time the US lost a carrier in combat?