RuPaul creating cartoon called “Drag Tots” targeting 2 year olds

Dear God make it stop. Netflix should be thrown off a roof for this.

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They keep testing the water, and when there’s no backlash from the public, they ratchet it up. Fuck their whole clown world. I’ve done what I could, it’s in the hands of the Almighty now.

Good. Keep on pushing. The more they push this filth, the sooner or hits critical mass and there WILL be a backlash.

Whatever happened to just not watching things that offend your sensibilities? You do have the freedom to choose what you watch on Netflix. What sort of “backlash” are you referring to? Hopefully you mean boycotting Netflix.

Whatever happened to not pushing degenerate shit like this on kids?


Just a little fact…

Regarding he/shes: Out of a population of 320.7 million the number of travesties is 1.4 million/or 0.4% of the total. meaning if EVERY he/she died in the next 5 minutes - over 99.6% of us wouldn’t give a rat’s corpse about it. EVERY he/she in America’s life means ZERO to over 99.6% of the population.


We need to have an LGBTQP rooftop dance party.

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They want the children. Watch how libs here defend this. They want the children

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Nothing is being pushed on anyone. Americans (still​:crossed_fingers:) have CHOICES.

Can we kill them? Send them a one ticket to hell?

You need to be sent out on a fucking train! Don’t forget your helmet little fella!

Sounds like a defense attorney for a street seller of crack and fentanyl.

Have you passed the bar?

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I read about two cities in ancient times that pushed their satanic homosexual agenda on the people by the degenerate ruling class. They were totally destroyed. They where called Sodom and Gomorrah. The rulers were annihilated of course. History repeats over and over.

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Telling your fellow countrymen what is in poor taste and is unacceptable has nothing to do with the economic choices in capitalism. It’s called civilization.

We are losing ours.

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You should stop reading fiction…:man_shrugging:

But I wasn’t talking economy. Do you not have a choice of what you watch on tv?

We have posts complaining about youtube censoring content creators and now those same posters want to censor netflix.

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Yeah - conservatives are getting banned for talking about things like immigration policy or patriotism. Dicks with tits are pushing their degenerate sexual lifestyle on toddlers.


And children are too young to make those choices.

The ruins of Sodom and Gomorrah have been found and dated to the period described in the bible along with the same level of destruction recorded in the bible.