RuPaul creating cartoon called “Drag Tots” targeting 2 year olds

If you’re allowing anybody to push anything on your toddlers that you don’t approve of, that’s on you. :wink:

It’s the same old same old, every body wants freedom until they want to censor someone else.

Nobody but anarchists are advocating absolute freedom, that would be anarchy.

No they’re not…

Well, with the guy at the top post being as uncivilized as he is I might not disagree with you.

Correct. Until there is parental backlash it will not stop.

My children could have watched these shows and I have no problem with my grandchildren watching them so what backlash are you wanting?

Parents can turn off the TV, unsubscribe from the channel or put in place parental controls.

I think you will find the majority of the generation of parents that are in their twenties and thirties don’t have an issue. For them gay marriage, transgenders being part of the mainstream and other such matters arejust not an issue like it is to the older generation.

I watched the second video posted. It was nothing but teaching kids to be mean to each other, potty mouths and bullying. Even if you take away the “drag” overtones these are not the kind of lessons and values children should be taught.


And most stop believing being gay is a mental disorder .
First published in 1968, DSM-II (the American classiifcation of mental disorders) listed homosexuality as a mental disorder. In this, the DSM followed in a long tradition in medicine and psychiatry, which in the 19th century appropriated homosexuality from the Church and, in an élan of enlightenment, transformed it from sin to mental disorder.

It’s not that they quit believing, it was a mission to normalize perversion.

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Same thing can be said of racism and the other bigotry’s common to older white Americans.

We complain about censoring different political opinions. Thats not what this is. This is the mind-rape and sick perversion of young children. This is the equivalent of molesting a child. You defend that?

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It is not molestation of a child. Stop with the hysterics.

It is. Stop perverting our children you sick degenerate

You need to calm down. Stop living in front of a keyboard. You need to destress, go out and get laid. It will be good for your stress levels.

You need to shut up.

No its a messageboard designed for discussion.

My children and grandchildren have been around gay and transgender individuals and have grown up to be perfectly normal.

Stop living in fear of what you do not understand.

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