Roger Stone Arrested By the FBI

This ought to cut into the money he made in the 2017 Netflix documentary, Bring me Roger Stone. That’ll teach him. :roll_eyes:

Now that you mention it, Roger Stone has been a disrupting force in DC for many years accumulating many enemies along the way. His association with Alex Jones might have something to do with this. I am surprised they haven’t tried to arrest him either!

So if Stone was suspected of lying to congress, who should have investigated that potential crime if not Deep State Mueller?

What has trump done to threaten big club interest?

Its a pointless question to ask when you are missing the larger more important narrative in all of this. How about we wait to see how this unfolds in the courts.

If you don’t know, I am not going to explain it to you. I am not responsible for you being informed of the facts! Google is your friend!

Notice the circus environment, the chants and shouting “lock him up” in the background etc. This is "NOT ordinary people showing up on their coffee/lunch break to engage in political theater. This is well structured, previously planned, and coordinated ‘resistance’ activity.

Leadership of the activist-left; all of them – the entire apparatus; knew in advance that Stone was the target du jour of the day. This is all planned out and organized; nothing is organic. Hence, CNN was present for the live broadcast of the Osama bin-Stone raid at his some in the pre-dawn hours. This is professionally coordinated stage setting."" Source Sundance at “The Last Refuge”

Keep speaking…narrowing it down.


And indictment isn’t a conviction. You don’t have to present any actual evidence the individual named committed a crime nor is there any defense allowed to be presented to the GJ.

There’s a reason we have the adage “You can indict an ham sandwich”.

The DC prosecutor.

Mueller’s purpose supposedly is finding “Russian Collusion” but for some reason he’s ignored actual provable Russian collusion and instead based his case on a document provided through “Russian Collusion”.


Armed swat raid with body armor for alleged process crime of a non-flight risk and no danger to LEO who would no doubt have turned himself in with a phone call, all mysteriously caught on camera by CNN, something doesn’t smell very good.


Funny how that all worked out isn’t it?

A Meller Media Event for the sole purposes of intimidating Stone, anyone else being targeted, and Trump in particular.

An absolute abuse of power.


I have the little ignorant (stupid, actually) fool muted…along with 3 other useless users. I get no notifications of his activity. I normally just scroll down without reading his drivel, but understanding the criticism sure to follow is easier if I read some of them.

I understand the crooked bastard recently got a 6 month extension on his witch hunt activities.

That you are a fool is a widely held opinion, fool. :joy:

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The first thing he did was declare his run for the presidency, second to win the nomination, and third to win the presidency.

More recently he fired his own AG who refused to do the job and root out the conspirators in the FBI and DOJ behind the whole “Russian Collusion” investigation which has never been anything other than a coverup of bad acts by DOJ/FBI actors.

Nothing mysterious about CNN being there, just some good investigative journalism and some luck.

The new AG seems to be full of praise for Mueller.

Some key clues my ass.

A tip.

More proof how corrupt CoJ and FBI has become. If anything what they did validated that mistrust.

And we aren’t just talking about higher up…those were field agents that carried out the so-called raid.