Roger Stone Arrested By the FBI


If it makes you feel any better Stone has been calling this for several months. It’s one of the reasons he’s been so vocal. He wanted to get his version out before Mueller and his cronies could silence him.

And didn’t Mueller himself say his investigation was nearly over? What happened there?


That’s their story, would you expect them to admit it if the real story was they were given the scoop by someone on Meuller’s team?


Which is exactly why none of this can be taken seriously in a legal sense.

It is all gas lighting PR via a hostile media.


I found this to be nauseating and infuriating! The media wonders especially CNN why they are hated so much!


Ah, more proof.

As long as you make up your own evidence.



Do you know of any evidence that suggests that that’s what happened or do you simply not want to believe a journalist managed to do some journalistic investigation?



Nah, looked into it more, there were certainly rumors flying around that he might be arrested so I’ll take them at their word.


Yeah so much they accompanied the FBI on the raid? Sorry that is not normal protocol!


You know what does confuse me though, libs being so giddy that they may be closing in on Trump. Are they that excited for President Pence to take over and having to face him instead of Trump in 2020? I mean, as far as I can see, beating Trump in 2020 is a slam dunk.


What do you mean

They had a reporter and a camera crew outside his house because there was grand jury activity of the kind that had resulted in arrests in the past.


Way too early for calling that a slam dunk! There is still quite a bit of time before then and now for things to unravel for the Dems!


Could he turn it around? I guess anything is possible, but he hasn’t demonstrated any ability to get his numbers out of the toilet to date, so I sure wouldn’t bet on it.


Yeah well they said the same thing about Reagan as he had sagging poll numbers too, and of course you know how that ended! Just saying!


I absolutely LOVE Sarah Sanders.

She was stalwart and turned the collusion vindictive on CNN who has sought out and aired the material from wikileaks.

That smarmy little CNN propagandist isn’t worth our nausea.



Reagan’s numbers sucked, though never as bad as Trumps, at his lowest he was ten points higher than Trump is now, when the economy sucked, Trumps numbers suck with a good economy.


Normally this would be secretive so the target doesn’t flee.

CNN was tipped…No question.



Apparently seeking dirt on your opponent from Russia is ok if you hire a law firm to hire a guy to look for it, or if you are the media, it only becomes problematic if your name is Trump.


I am positive on Trump getting re-elected.

None of the D contenders play well outside the view of CA or NY.

My concern is that he wouldn’t want to run.


There were several people in the press an online openly speculating he may be arrested because of the grand jury activity, I don’t think it’s remotely unbelievable they sent a crew there in case those rumors proved out.