Roger Stone Arrested By the FBI


What part of Mueller being part of the Deep state do you not understand?

They are leftist shills. Just ignore them.


Well Roger Stone himself released his email contacts with Wikileaks

Define “deep state”? Is it a shadow government who is out to get Trump? If it is a showdown government, how could Mueller be a part of it?

Who in this deep state made Roger Stone collude with Wikileaks? Who made him lie to Congress?

Where is the proof? You are just spouting out hyperbole! Why not ask those questions when he has his day in court?

And Yes, if you don’t believe that the shadow Government is not out to get Trump due to the fact he threatens the big club interests, ( as in trillions of dollars at stake for the establishment ruling class) then you really are truly ignorant of the inner workings of how DC works!

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That means nothing! Do you actually know the details surrounding that story? From the sound of it, you are clueless!


I don’t know if all proof but Roger Stone released email of his contacts with Wikileaks l.

He will get his day in court. And we shall see. Mueller is batting 1.000 right now. Everything in this indictment has a connection with previous indicts from Muellers office. So it isn’t looking good for him.

Wait… trump the billionaire is out to threaten the ruling class?! He is a part of the ruling class!! Wtf

… didn’t vote for anyone named Stone. We already heard libs say “We got him THIS time!” everytime someone on the Trump team is investigated, interviewed, indicted, arrested, accused, convicted… But if there was evidence that we had a Russian puppet in the white house, Mr USMC Patriot Mueller would have shown his cards about two years ago.

Stone? Stone who?

This is what shills do. They propel the official narrative or provide a counter-narrative to derail a discussion. They source nothing. They want to be sure all comments are focused on them instead of the subject at hand. Don’t take the bait. Keep dropping comments on how this arrest is bullshit and what the FBI did wrong.


No you ignorant fool! He is not! Just because he is wealthy does not mean he is part of the establishment ruling class! Please reread my statement again as it appears you have a reading comprehension problem! Do you even understand what is at stake when I say Trillions of dollars at stake? Why do you suppose the Koch brothers will not support Trump? Obvious answers that you seem to not be very well versed in.

Who is in this ruling class? I’m going to guess a lot of billionaires but just not Trump. Trump is the common man! He came from nothing to a rich billion. He has zero tendencies of a person in the “ruling class”.

He looks out for farmers with tariffs.

He had gold toilets because, that’s what the every man would do.

He cheats on his wives because… because NOT CHEATING would be what ruling class cucks would do.

You got me off topic… so back to the topic.

Roger Stone is is deep shit. Stop defending him.

You are an idiot troll here! I think I will take Pozz’s advice and not waste any more of my time discussing topics with ignorant asinine fools like you! Go fucking educate yourself!


If you take a step back and review the Mueller investigation, you can clearly see the Deep State is going after each individual who helped President Trump win the election. Who will be last on Mueller’s list? The citizens who voted for Trump? Are we going to receive a knock on our doors pre-dawn by the FBI?

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Well you also know who is controlling the investigative committees now right? That jerk from New York named Nadler who wants to continue pushing this bullshit narrative "MOO Russia did it! The whole thing has already been proven to be a sham with the recent revelations of Steel Dossier yet they insist on doubling down. I think Trump should just go ahead and declassify everything and bring the criminals out into the light, just burn this shit-show to the ground! I think we are reaching that time!

Name calling with zero substance. Nice.

The left keeps smacking themselves in the face with contradictions.

“Trump is for the rich”
“Oh, Trump made the stock market drop”
“See how successful billionaires oppose Trump”
“Populism is bad. See how the elitist educated conservatives like George Will oppose Trump”
“Trump is one of the elites. He could not care less about you”

And on and on… smack, smack, ouch, bong… orange man bad … boing… smack.


Well he HAS read the daily narratives that he is instructed to read. That is kinda like an education.

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I just need to READ the indictment


“On or about October 1, 2016, which was a Saturday, Person 2 sent STONE text messages that stated, ‘big news Wednesday . . . now pretend u don’t know me . . . Hillary’s campaign will die this week.’”

Hey dude… don’t pretend I post here.shhhhhh.

Fucking libs…getting indictments of jokes. Dangerous people.