Rittenhouse not guilty!

Jurors reach verdict in Rittenhouse trial (msn.com) NOT GUILTY


Kyle needs to SUE EVERY MSM POS there is, like Nick Sandmann did, again EVERY MSM POS was DISGUSTING and slandered Kyle every which way.


Kyle is going to be rich! I’m on msnbc now… some one should just pull the fire alarm lol


The POS Bill de Blasio:


Huber and Rosenbaum are “victims” and should be alive today? Why Bill de Blasio? So Huber can beat up MORE women and Rosenbaum can RAPE more CHILDREN?

The Left are the Spawn of Satan HIMSELF, wanting to DESTROY a decent young man and supporting the SCUM of society like women beaters, CHILD RAPISTS and women beating drug dealers like George Floyd.


MSNBC is a complete joke.


There should be criminal charges against PMSNBC. Jury intimidation is a felony.


Yes MSNBC sent that scum “journalist” to follow the jury home and/or wherever they were staying, no doubt so MSNBC and ALL the other MSM scum could post EVERYTHING about them on Twitter so the BLM-Antifa SCUM could go and beat them and/or murder them.

PRAY for the Jury members, for Our Lord to keep them AND their families safe from the Marxist SCUM.


Finally justice for a white man in America!!! What would Blase do if someone tried to hit him witha skateboard??? Cry and beg forgiveness!!! How can anyone defend a child molester recently released from a mental institution.


I bet those liberal fascist are looking over federal law to charge him with some violation.

He should also sue President Joseph Robinette Biden.


DeBlasio is an idiot and a LIAR!

Kyle did not “take a gun across state lines”…

The gun already in Wisconsin.

The two thugs were killed legally by Kyle Rittenhouse acting in self defense, not because they were worthless assholes, but because they were threats to his personal safety and were attacking him. Kyle did not know either of them or their history. All he knew was that they were threatening his life.

Fuck 'em!

…and fuck DeBlasio!


Lookout for AG Garland to be involved.



Too many politicians are opening their mouths prematurely. The prosecution failed to prove their case and now people like de Blasio look foolish. And btw, he was wrong about the kid having crossed state line with a firearm…….


No, I don’t think so……:thinking:

Too many DEMORATS opening their rectal tubes too early along with all the F-A-G-S at CNN . And sleepy Joe who woke up from that colonoscopy after a unsuccessful search for his brain , told the sign carrying turds how DISAPPOINTED he was with the jury and their decision and want the mob to protest peacefully like that "SUMMER OF JOY " THEY LOVED SO MUCH .


Isn’t Bidet sounding like Trump calling for peaceful protests??? Blacks will get away with " misunderstanding" his words or is this a code word for Burn Businesses Better.


LMAO! Very funny statement!

@jbob The president has a right to disagree with the jury’s verdict while simultaneously expressing that the system worked and he respects it….

He also said….

“I stand by what the jury has concluded. The jury system works and we have to abide by it,” Biden said to press gathered on the White House lawn Friday.

“I urge everyone to express their views peacefully, consistent with the rule of law. Violence and destruction of property have no place in our democracy," the president said in a prepared statement.

We all have our opinions on the entire Rittenhouse trial process.

Dude he has two fuckin response lol you this stupid? What are you cnn