Rioters Break into Ohio State House

Now Ohio! This is getting insane, and the country by day is turning into this. Minneapolis now Ohio. What did Gretchen and her gang of other blue state clowns think was going to happen when they decided to impose shelter in place and shutting down the economy? The George Floyd incident was just the excuse needed for protestors to come out in other parts of the country to trash their Government buildings. Summer is not even official yet but I guess we are getting an early start during a presidential election year!

I’m of two minds on this:

Let them continue and turn the place into a shit hole that no one will do business in and let them live with the results of their actions;


Bring in the military and do what is necessary to restore peace.

The whole thing is pretty scary at the moment, because lets get real, this is a protest that is being provoked by political operatives working within an election year. Then you have the pent up frustrations of citizens sick of the covid-19 nonsense acting out, so allowing them to destroy and loot property is in my view a double edge sword. They just burnt down a police station in Minneapolis and nobody did anything! Holy crap, I am just speechless and surprised that incident was allowed to happen.

Are you really surprised? This is what society looks like when government is run by the left. Look at San Francisco, etc.

Well you are right, but burning down a police station? When that happens, citizens better take notice that personal safety and societal order becomes a subject of concern as well as thinking about personal security citizens own responsibility as police are now targets.

The whole thing is disgusting.

I agree, in fact its heart breaking to be watching this unfold. What gets me about this is that people will protest police brutality, but they can’t protest when the elite are subverting the law and eroding our rights as citizens. Seems rather a waste of effort for all the wrong reasons.

These aren’t people, they are animals.

And just like that…no one cared about COVID.

Memorial Day is the unofficial start of summer in the US and we all know that during the summer in the US, in an election year, we must have race riots.

This is all controlled.

You are probably right. By who is what I want to know!

This thing is an up and down for me they attacked the police which I liked. They burned down Businesses which I hate, theyre going after the Government, which I love.

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I can’t have any sympathy for CNN. They are the ones fanning the flames of racial hatred. Too bad they didn’t spend more time in the slammer, like over night! :rofl:

That it happened to CNN is pretty funny. However, it isn’t funny in general. There was no reason for the arrest, especially when there are actual criminals burning and looting which is a much higher priority.

The free press is a pillar of democracy. Recognized by the framers, and everybody should have a problem with this arrest.

I dont like CNN, but they shouldnt be arrested or hanged. The Government though deserves its gallows for crimes against humanity

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Protesters overwhelmed police and they retreated, their station was set ablaze and no one was arrested but a CNN news crew who asked the police repeatedly where they wanted the crew positioned and that’s where they’d remove to. The arresting officer told Omar (the reporter) that he had no idea why he was arresting him, that he was just following orders…:man_shrugging:

Simply means the taxpayers have to foot the bill just like Ferguson BILLIONS . Looters leave cities and businesses in shambles and blacks wonder why good businesses refuse to operate in black areas . Can you imagine the insurance rates ? It must be like being in Somali territorial waters . Fucking animals !!!

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The heck. Theyre where definitely laws violated. See, this is why I am an Anarchist, the state is never held accountable, ergo remove the state as the only way to secure freedom.

By the CNN news crew???