Retribution Has Begun: Iran attacks US bases in Iraq

What will Iraq’s response be to their country being attacked by Iran?

IMO, Iran needs to be quashed, hard and fast. Their chest beating days need to be over and done with.

The source told Fox News’ Jennifer Griffin: “Under missile attack from Iran. These are either cruise missiles or short-range ballistic missiles. All over the country.” The missiles struck near Al Assad Air Base in Anbar, among other locations.


I flew on the “Griffin” flight out of that base in the dead of night.

A logical move by Iran designed to embarrass the US and help build outrage by Iraqis so they’ll push harder for US forces to withdraw.

We almost certainly know where these missiles originated even though they most likely came from mobile launchers or aircraft so destroy the base from whence they originate and maybe up the ante by destroying their shore batteries.

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Yeah it will be interesting to see what the response will be and from whom.

I can’t imagine us Not responding directly but it would be in Iraq’s interest to be involved as well. Otherwise the leadership is just admitting they have become a puppet state run by Iran.

40-60% or more of the population of Iraq will be very unhappy if the gov’t goes that route.

The Shia majority may identify religiously with Iran but they definitely don’t want to be under Iranian occupation or rule. Iraq has long been a much more progressive country even if still tacitly a Muslim state politically.

They want nothing to do with the kind of fundamentalist dictatorship Iran has been since 78.

Still no word on casualties if any.

Iraq need to draw a line in the sand. Where do they stand?

They already drafted a letter and asked us to leave. Apparently we are not doing that.

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How big are these bases? 12 ballistic missiles? Pray for the troops

IMO, we will. Get this shit over and done with.

BREAKING Several US planes are on fire in the Ain Al Assad base.

Pretty well stuck in the middle.

Remember it was Obama’s withdrawal and refusal to reengage when they needed our help against ISIS that drove them into partnership with Iran.

Exactly that which we were warning about in 2008 when Obama was running on “ending the war in Iraq” came to pass.

Bush and crew should have insisted on greater minority representation in the Iraqi Parliament when they were drawing up their constitution. Had he, none of this would be an issue today.

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No planes are pictured in that video, just a few missiles hitting and causing explosions.

Many square miles. …

At least not fast enough. Iraq was the big present that Bush gave Iran… Unintended consequences.

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Whomever is in charge of the ADA around those bases is probably going to be looking for a job tomorrow and the base commander may be as well.

This is breaking news. Lots of information to be sifted through :wink:

Just how quickly do you think we could leave? Moving thousands of people and millions of tons of equipment takes months.

If anything these attacks will only justify a greater and more determined and aggressive US presence, not a reduction or complete evac.