Republic Standard: Race and IQ: More important than it should be to nationalists

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The conclusion of the parenthetical citation is errant.

The overlapping of two bell curves (one for black IQ, the other for white IQ) would form a graph similar to that shown below.


The lower IQ side of the red curve and the higher IQ side of the black curve do not make a valid bell curve because one represents apples and the other represents oranges.


So if you want to base your immigration policy on average IQ, a Black African can correctly state: ‘well you have some Whites in your country with a lower IQ, but you won’t allow in Black individuals with a higher IQ’.

I don’t see this as a major problem, you will receive the same racism backlash for having an ethnocentric immigration policy as you would if you also added in, not necessarily an IQ requirement, but a competence requirement as many countries already have. You wouldn’t necessarily have to be academically smart, but you’d have to be competent at something useful. Trained (and certified) in a profession, can pass basic logic tests (which equate to the easier questions in an IQ test) would be a requirement I’d suggest. The basic logic indicates a reasonable person, who’s less likely to lie (relevant for tradesmen as honest tradesmen produce better work).

Let’s be real, in many countries throughout Africa, Central Asia, and the Middle East it isn’t very difficult to purchase a “valid” degree. Corruption is rampant and people are poor. Money exchanges hands all the time. That throws your race / competence argument out the window.

There’s nothing wrong with saying we only want people of European ancestry right now, and from those Europeans, we want only want people of exceptional intelligence.

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Corruption is rampant and people are poor. Money exchanges hands all the time. That throws your race / competence argument out the window.

Not sure where you got throws out the window from. If we’re only accepting European heritage it’s implied they would be coming from majority European countries who have established accreditation systems. I merely hinted at what could be considered a measure of value. Your metric for exceptional intelligence would be…? There’s plenty of “high” (120-140) IQ people who support open borders. Also plenty of blue collar workers who would be an asset to any society they’re a part of. Sorting them out is the hard part.

Can you provide some evidence of this please?

IQ is not fixed, a good education will improve your IQ. You can’t seperate culture from IQ unless you control for it. IQ of people over the past 100 years has been improving, they have to re-normalise to a base of 100 every few years. The average IQ of black people would be roughly similar to white people 50 years ago.

I caught that but decided it must have been poor writing or editing by committee. It made no sense. Maybe editors needed more IQ. :smile:

I suspect it is true but for the same reasons it’s true in the US. Schools want alumni that have money. And they have degree programs for the dumbest people. Recall Melissa Click and her PhD dissertation?

It’s ‘a good thing’: The commodification of femininity, affluence, and whiteness in the Martha Stewart phenomenon

I guess Google is broken for you?

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The subject of the discussion is education/intelligence as it relates to immigration. American diploma mills are a separate matter.

If your comment about foreign diploma mills is a legitimate comment, then a small elaboration that compares and contrasts those diploma mills with the ones in the US for the purpose of showing the motivation of the schools is certainly a relevant and legitimate post.

Do I need to connect the dots for you in a thread about IQ?

Diploma mills in the US, and used by US citizens is completely irrelevant to the matter of foreigners using foreign diploma mills for the purpose of immigrating to the US and obtaining citizenship - on the basis of their academic credentials.

Maybe you could explain HOW it is relevant.

Dot dot dot dude. It’s relevant.

:rofl: that’s your argument?

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I work with a lot of H1-B Indians on a daily basis. I’d say at least half of them have phony degrees. They taught themselves on YouTube how to do the job then bought the degree to get the H1-B.

Honestly, as far as foreigners go, they’re not too bad. They make an effort to hold even their lunchroom conversations with one another in english; whereas the Asians will happily insult the ears of everyone around them with their obnoxious colliding-silverware language. They run the full spectrum from gigantic assholes, to really good people, with most of them somewhere in between.

Their worst traits are that they are - by modern hypersensitive Western standards at least - quite racist. If you’re not a little brown java coder from India, then you’re to be treated like a mildly gifted retarded child and second-guessed in everything you do. They’ll work themselves to death to finish a job, but if you’ve ever seen the joke picture of the roadkill with the highway line painted over it, that pretty much sums up their ability to creatively address problems.

That being said, I really wish there weren’t so many of them here. Their culture isn’t completely incompatible with ours like many, but it is alien and doesn’t “gel” well. One of the towns I used to live near in the Bay Area had a reputation for being “whitebread city” 25 years ago, and is now crawling with these fuckers (not to mention a shitload of Asians). Even the mayor is an Indian.


I’ve always felt a higher comfort level with Indians than with Native Americans. But my experience is limited to about a half dozen Indians. A few eat together in our cafeteria but generally assimilate. I work in the aerospace industry… integrated software and hardware.

The US lets in so many Chinese/Indians, but it is extremely difficult for people from England. You would have thought “Dad” would get special privileges and a fast track to green cards but I guess America doesn’t care about our shared history and culture.

I am absolutely disappointed in the US and its citizens over this.

Thanks for letting down the Anglosphere.


I tend to agree that English should get some preference. But that is not to say we necessarily mesh seamlessly in the workplace.

Yeah - we mesh so much better with Paki Muslims and street shitting Indians.

Also - a nod to @John’s comment about Asians in the workplace. 100 percent accurate.