Rep. Omar apologizes, all is right with the World now?


Saying a Mexican Judge couldn’t be fair to him because he was Mexican
Central Park 5
Lawsuits for racial discrimination


questioning where one man is born isnt racism

One mexican judge is not the same as “all mexican judges”

Is an incident, not a collective thought

wow, in the 1970’s and if you include calling for the death penalty in 1989 for the central park 5, that is a big whoopee doo.

could at least find something in this century ?


Neither Mexican or wetback is a race. There are Mexicans and South Americans of every race. In case you are wondering, American, French, Canadian, German, etc are not races they denote a country not a race. Why do I have to explain these obvious facts to an adult?


Seems like you are making a weird assertion that something can only be racist if you include the race in the racist statement.

Otherwise what is the point in saying “they don’t understand that Mexican is not a race”

I was making the point that you can be racist and not actually include the race. Can’t believe I need to explain this to an adult


It is when that person is black and the only modern president to be questioned on their birth place.

Huh? It can only be racist if he referenced all judges?

The took out a full page ad on the kids AFTER they were found innocent.

Why does it matter the century? He could have been redeemed from those incidents but he has shown that he is still racist in 2019. He hasn’t apologized for any of it.


A few Presidential candidates have been questioned in the past, Mitt Romney Father George, John McCain and Ted Cruz comes to mind

you think Obama was questioned because he was multiracial? his mother for God Sake was American

ahhh yeah, If I said that Latisha or Shanquia are welfare cheats who happened to be black is that the same as saying “all blacks are welfare cheats?”

see the difference?

no you mean before they found out they were innocent

it does matter, and you havent provided any evidence in 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, lets try those years first.


More correctly they seem to think all Mexicans are drug mules, so who’s got the racist problem, Trump or his critics?


Wetback has nothing to do with race anyhow, it only applies to those illegally crossing the Rio.


…the only modern president whose book publisher published a brochure about the president when he was an author that said he was born in Kenya. And that was in1991, before anyone even cared about the guy.

…like Obama was not on the approval chain for that brochure. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAGA…

Read the damn brochure.

None other than Barack Hussein Obama could have provided the content of that little bio.


Facts and Pragmatic do not exist in the same plain of existence.

Remember Obama had family in Kenya claiming he was born there as well.


When did he apologize for anything?


He hasn’t made any.

More characters.


He hasn’t made any…what?


Yep. Until they were told it might be a problem for him.

But… sure … we all made that up because he was black.


And so has every single Muslim nation. So what’s your point?


Racist comments.

More characters.


I sure get tired of reading the Jew hating lies.

The Arabs who were kicked out of their homes were those who made war against the Jews and/or supported those doing so.

Human Rights violations? That’s a laugh.

There has been a Continuous Jewish Presence in what is now Israel for nearly 5,000 years.

The 1939 agreement set up two countries in “Palestine”, one as a Jewish Homeland and one as an Arab Homeland. The Arabs decided to reject the plan they had themselves drawn up at the last minute when the Arab League got the participating countries to join together in an attempt to exterminate the Jews and drive whatever Jewish survivors remained into the sea.

They got their asses kicked resoundingly by a bunch of ignorant goat herders equipped with mostly barely functional WWI era weapons, no armor and no Air Force.

They made the mistake of trying it twice more with even more devastating results and Israel took the land from them they used to stage their attacks on Israel which is completely right and proper.

The so called “Palestinians” are for the most part the trash kicked out of Jordan, Egypt, and Lebanon since 48 and their offspring and have no claim on the land at all.


The left left with nothing always fall back to the tried and true calling people names, racist one of the favorites.


There’s a contest between AOC and Omar just to find the answer to that question.


Not to mention how stupid thinking Mexican is a race is.