Rep. Omar apologizes, all is right with the World now?


Where in all the furrowed brows over Ms Omar’s comments has there been any discussion about the American Evangelical movement’s alliance with Likud and AIPAC? Evangelicals in the U.S. send millions every year to support Likud and their allies, and this clearly aligns with AIPAC’s objectives. In many respects, AIPAC acts likes the glove around the fist of the American Evangelical movement. (I think that’s the right metaphor.)

If you know anything about what Evangelicals believe will ultimately happen to the Jews during the Rapture, it certainly doesn’t get more anti-Semitic than that. And it’s much more blatant than any rap song lyric.


Steve King… …


We still pick the president through the Electoral College just like we always have.

What we really need to do is go back to appointing Senators and them representing the interests of their home states instead of the Party Machine.

We’ll never be able to get rid of the income tax but we could modify the 17th and make it a flat tax for all period, no deductions, no exemptions, no special treatment for anyone, everybody pays the same rate. Fix that rate with the same amendment at a certain percentage of GDP.


People in this country are free to associate with whomever they want and support whatever parties or gov’ts here and abroad they choose.

As for what Evangelicals believe you don’t really seem to know much and probably aren’t the least bit interested in learning.

When Christ Returns everyone on earth will have a chance to accept him and his grace.


I’m more annoyed by, well, anybody who can’t face Israel’s history.

Colonial powers decreed that the Jewish homeland would be in a place where… non-Jewish people were already living. Those non-Jewish people were kicked out of their homes and had their property expropriated. They were never compensated for this. Their heirs are denied a right to return and to reclaim what was taken.

Meanwhile, we have legislation moving through congress that says the federal government won’t contract with entities who divest from Israel, even though the federal government should represent all points of view, including the views of taxpayers who might not want to support what Israel has done to the people it displaced.

Israel is clearly guilty of massive human rights violations. Let’s start being honest.


Jews have had a continuous presence in what was then Palestine for around 5,000 years.

The Brit’s divided up what was left of their crumbling empire to suit them when they left and part of that was creating a Jewish state and an Arab state within the region.

The Jews accepted the partition agreement, and the Arab League tried to wipe them off the continent in 47. The Brits actually enabled the Arabs providing them weapons, aircraft, vehicles, tanks, and training.

The Jews had mostly smuggled in small arms, leftovers from WWI and some from WWII because the Brits denied them arms.

The combined 5 armies of the Arab League attacked and got their asses kicked and the state of Israel was born.

The Arabs tried twice more to drive them from the continent and lost both times.

Don’t try and rewrite history, not here where we have lots of folks that can read and know the history.

We cant’ start with being honest because you lack even a semblance of honesty.


Omar is a crazy bitch and shouldn’t be allowed in ANY committee.

She forced a yes/no answer to a ridiculous question today. When the man answered “No”…she said “I will take that as a yes!”

Just how stupid can a person get?




Islam is itself the problem.

Normally people make bad disciples, which is actually a good thing when it comes to Islam. Want a career, friends and a civil society? Or do you want to emulate your prophet?

Many Muslims want the former and the latter. That’s how they become the tall grass the others hide in. More problematically because Islam commends lying and deception for ordinary Muslims as part of civilizational jihad it is actually impossible to know where you stand with any Muslim. All that is needed to make a jihadi is in the Koran itself, never mind the books that are considered authoritative by many Muslims and which are on sale in Muslim bookstores all across the land.

But the Left and too many Quislings on the Right take the arrogant and ignorant (very efficient packaging of foolishness) stance that assumes Islam is not the problem, thus all these instances where a Muslim acts out because of Islam but it is whitewashed … such as the official report on the Fort Hood shooter which through iterations became less and less honest in its assessment.


No we do not, there was no popular election for president. The states chose the president.

Yes electors but not like this crap.


The constitution still gives the states the ability to choose presidential electors any way they want.
In the first few presidential elections most state legislatures chose the electors. Now, all states use popular vote, but they don’t have to.


Useful idiots…


The electors were chosen by popular vote just like they are today.


No there were not, there was no popular election beyond local and representatives.


He never made racist comments, Troll.


tell me where he made a racist comment?

please post it and we can discuss


Morons think Mexican is a race.


Not new or unusual for Democrats… Robert KKK Byrd. . .


Who thinks that? Is “wetback” a race?