Remembering D-Day June 6 1944 (2024)

Some of us experienced such fear, but never on this level. Anybody who served and claim to not have been afraid then they are full of sh*t!

Remembering the sacrifice many men have made and never made it back home. War is hell and should never be glorified and hope we as humans don’t get to experience this again ever!


Not to be forgotten are the 15,000 French civilians dead in Normandie.

Collateral damage, I guess.

We should remember all who perished on that day!

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“Would I risk my life to defeat evil?”

None of us truly know.

The reason we remember the men who stormed the beaches on D Day is not only to honour them. It’s also to keep alive the part of us that compels us to step up and confront the evil of our day without fear.

The level of violence which the Germans were exporting to the world was outmatched, outCLASSED, by the United States, who truly understood at the time that sometimes violence to suppress violence really is the only solution.

We faced not one, but two enemies willing to eradicate the rest of the world, and you simply cannot reason with men like that. You must stomp them out. You must demonstrate resolve and the willingness to see them eradicated, instead. Not out of a sense of enjoyment, but necessity.

The men who landed on that beach, and showed the world what resolve looks like are unquestionably among the greatest that have ever been produced by a young country which had already shown a propensity to produce great men.

So, yes, share this picture and show the world what we’ve done. Understand, deep inside, that despite how bad things have gotten, we still make men like this, who will face insurmountable odds and snatch victory from the jaws of defeat, or like the men at Normandy, from the Jaws of Death.

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Those are some riveting photos. I don’t think photos or commentary could ever describe the horrors that happened that day.

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This is President Trump during the 75 anniversary giving a remarkable speech to and for the Veterans of D-Day. Don’t count on Biden to ever speak so eloquently or with heartfelt deliverance.

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This was a remarkable read!

The good news is D Day was needed to defeat Germany. Part of the success of D Day was due to keeping German Intelligence guessing where snd when the invasion would occur and the difference in strategy between Rommel and Von Rundstet. By this time, the Germany was worn down and on the defensive by the Russian Army and had limited resources to continue the war.
Let us also ot forget Allied War Crimes commited against wounded German soldiers and POWS that was covered up by the CHAIN OF COMMAND. I’m not saying the German Army and SS were completely innocent.They commited alot of War Crimes also. Im not RAINING ON THE PARADE , but lets look at both sides .

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Not to diminish the sacrifices made by both sides, but few ask: Why Normandy?

In some spots, the Allied troops had to scale a steep, sandy hill on top of which German machine gunners were perched. This was a recipe for catastrophic losses.

Why not invade Italy where the German presence was less and German defense thinner?

That is a question military historians have to answer.Eisenhower and Churchill are long gone. I agree , geography was against the Allies.Italy was invaded on 3 Sep 43.

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I think it was because France was occupied by the Germans and logistically with the UK serving as a base for American forces and it being relatively within a Flight path away, it was strategically the best option.

Special moment for this WWII Veteran visiting Utah Beach (Normandy) for D-Day’s 80th Anniversary

Another student of the broken education system.

The Italian Campaign, from July 10, 1943, to May 2, 1945, was a series of Allied beach landings and land battles from Sicily and southern Italy up the Italian mainland toward Nazi Germany. p.s. How would you recommend getting troops and supplies over the ALPS???

Italian campaigns were nothing in comparison.

The Germans avoided Switzerland like a pest.
No German presence in Switzerland.
Remember, Nazi Germany was financed by the Rothscchilds and other international banksters who run Switzerland.

How bankers helped the Nazis (

Business collaboration with Nazi Germany - Wikipedia

They speak German in Switzerland and they hid Nazi gold during WWII. There was s presence they just manage to keep it secret for many years and beyond to this day. Same with the Catholic Church along with their pedo lust for children.

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When the Nazi army moved south, it carefully avoided Switzerland because they know it was the bankster land which they could not violate.

Much of France was fortified by the Germans, while Italy was not. At that point Germany had lost its foothold in North Africa.

Also, instead of Normandy and getting in heavy fights there, the Allied could have invaded Holland or even Germany itself facing the North Sea.

Anyway, the whole idea was to get as many soldiers as possible get killed. White genocide.

Yeah I don’t know about that, I have to disagree with that assessment.

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