Religion of Peace Strikes Again: Multiple People Stabbed in the Hague

What a day! First we had the Religion of Peace spreading tolerance to infidels on the London Bridge in the UK. Now we have the Religion of Peace helping to spread the holiday cheer at a Christmas Market in the Hague! So diverse, multicultural, and tolerant! Those that were stabbed before Christmas were lucky to be culturally enriched so soon into the holiday season!

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It wouldn’t be the holiday season in Europe without Muslims stabbing multiple people at Christmas markets! Celebrate diversity!

Inb4 @montecresto1 says “not all Muslims” lol

The religion of peace is feeling stabby today.

The crowd looks very European. When I see this photo…I think DUTCH. :netherlands:

Listen up Shitlords. I’m sick and tired of hearing that Islam is not a religion of peace and love. Sometimes Peace and Love are expressed in different ways, OK? That’s what diversity is all about. If you can’t handle the way Islam expresses peace and love, YOU are the problem!


They were just showing everyone how they do things in their sophisticated, beautiful, and bold culture of love and peace. We are so lucky to experience this kind of tolerance from the true religion of peace.

Oh the Muslims may be so spiteful,
But the charge of Islamophibia is frightful,
And European civilization has got to go!
Let’em in, let’em in, let’em in!

Oh lookey here! The Diversity™ is spreading it’s Love™ and Inclusion™ across beautiful borderless Europe!

Yep. What percentage is two of 1.5 billion pray tell.

Lemme guess…the stabber was a white nationalist male, stabbing innocent refugees and women in the sake of the holy white patriarchy.

No, that would be incorrect. Actually the link in the op says nothing of race, ethnicity or motive. Only that a male 45-50 in a grey jogging suit is being looked for.

I’m pretty sure these Islamic terror attacks occur almost daily but there is usually a news blackout. For some reason the black out isn’t working today due to censorship staff shortages.

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More British Muslims joined Islamic state than the British army

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Two too many.

They’ve no reason to be in a European county if they will not abide by the laws and customs.

Peddling Trump conspiracies and fake news again hmmm…

I am sure it was just your average white middle-class Dutchman.

It’s prudent to wait for all the facts instead of jumping to trumpian conclusions…:man_shrugging:

If he were that would be all we’d hear about it.