Religion of Peace Strikes Again: London Bridge Terrorist Attack


I’m a New Yorker and I find your comment to be infuriating and incredibly stupid. People like you are the reason why my family lost family on 9/11. Fuck Muslims - they have no place here. Wise up.

The only time they live at peace is when they are in Muslim majority countries, which all of them can go back to.


Yeah, you can present anecdotes of this and I can present anecdotes of Christians committing acts of terror because of their irrational fear of colored people. But neither religion will be viewed wholly by them by any other than the fringe.

I had nothing to do with any harm that befell your family, but I’m sorry for your loss.

You are an apologist for terrorists and people like you put millions of innocent people at risk around the world. Just because you want to live in a fucking fantasy land where you believe that Muslims aren’t sick and twisted terrorist fucks doesn’t mean everybody else needs to have their lives put in danger.

You should be in GITMO.


No I’m not, you however are considering ALL Muslims to be terrorists and that’s the problem. Please quote me apologizing for any terrorist. Even the attacker in this op received what he deserved.

There are 3-1/2 million Muslims living in the US. By the numbers, how many of them have committed acts of violence or terror here?

Well that’s never going to happen Jeff, but do dream on…:roll_eyes:

Let me help you frame up your argument. Here’s what I think you are saying to everyone:


The topic is Religion of Peace Strikes again. Yet this poster wants to counter calling it anecdotal :roll_eyes:

I’m sorry you lost loved ones on 911. :heart:

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Why don’t you do one better and answer the question I posed in the post you quoted?

You tell us, since you apparently know the answer and have the exact number.

Isn’t this the same tactic you use with illegal aliens too? That since not every single illegal alien rapes and murders someone that it’s okay?


Right, of course none of you guys know the answer because you don’t care. They’re different, they’re brown, they’re bad. Of course you’ve heard of a handful of Muslims in America that have committed acts of violence or terror to the 3.5 million of them living here. It’s fake right wing news and red hatters mythology driving your false narrative.

You forgot…completely incompatible with Western civilization.

Wrong. There’s 3.5 million of them living at peace right here in America. You don’t here a peep from them, they bother you not one bit. But your bigotry has you living in constant fear of a self delusional threat…

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Especially when one of their fellow death cult members goes on an infidel killing spree. Not a peep.

How long did you have to search to find that?

That prophet Muhammed was a pedophile…an absolute faggot who probably fucked goats as well

Eat shit and die, Islam

How is that relevant to anything? Who give a fuck if it took 10 seconds or 10 minutes? Don’t be buttmad that this just totally proves that leftists are nothing but spineless cucks.

Why should they? And because they don’t that means they condone extemeism?

What is the big deal? This is just part and parcel to life in the big city.

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