Religion of Peace Strikes Again! Eritrean Migrant Charged with Rape of 3 Year Old

WOW! Again in Sweden another member of the religion of peace strikes again. Somewhat like there past leader, a three year old girl and a STD. What motivates these people to seek toddler´s for their sexual gratification?

Morons never learn !

I noticed his face is blurred in the photo. I suppose that was to keep him from being embarrassed.

We mustn’t hurt his feelings.

The Swedish culture has lost it all. What a bunch of goddamned lunatics!

If Muslems stayed in their homelands and didn’t insist on invading our territory and raping our women and girls I would have no problem with them. But that’s not the case so fuck 'em. Their time is coming.

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If NATO and the US kept their military prowess out of Muslim countries, and weren’t creating an unprecedented global refugee crisis, this wouldn’t be happening…:man_shrugging:

Exactly. For one thing you can’t beat an invisible enemy (ie an enemy dressed in civilian clothing?), and secondly, you can’t beat an enemy who literally wants to be killed the sooner to reach the 70 virgins awaiting him in paradise. Oh and I nearly forgot - they don’t fear the consequences of being caught.

Looks “asian” to me. When will he be applying to engineering or medical schools?

They usually say they’re Syrian, then they can play the ‘fleeing a war zone’ card. Strange how they all seem to be careless enough to somehow lose their documentation on the way though?

That poor kid is now traumatized for the rest of her life. And she’ll worry that he might find her and do it again when he’s released from jail. You couldn’t make up this shit. Perhaps the globalists have a point - maybe the world needs re-recalibrating to undo the damage that generations of liberals have done?

That assumes that every immigrant from the ME is a believing practicing Muslim…

The US led wars in Iraq, Libya, Syria, Somalia and Yemen all have created record global refugee crisis. I can’t believe people aren’t fed up with their government’s creating problem after problem with military adventurism.

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So why don’t you support governments kicking these people out and sending them back to their own countries?

Here is another candidate for castration and public crucifixion.

I guess its better to have Radical Muslim governments control countries along or near the Red Sea to interfere with oil transportation.

I opposed in real time the actions these governments were taking that have brought this upon themselves. They may suffer the consequences of their folly… Unfortunately, the crowd of people that exists everywhere, albeit in scarce minority, that oppose these foolish and often illegal wars, is drown out by the chantings of rah rah, Merica, kick some azz.

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Why can’t they ever connect the dots on this issue? The US goes and destabilizes countries and then they complain when the people leaving the countries that the US destabilized come to the West for sanctuary.

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Right, it really is baffling to me, and when someone does emerge in either party that does connect those dots, they are eaten by their own, as with the republicans and Ron Paul, and Democrats with Tulsi Gabbard…

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We have no way of knowing that, but it has to be the default position or we’ll always be vulnerable to the bad guys.

Radical Islam has set the stage for all of Islam. It was OK to lock up Japanese Americans during WW2; and I find no information that any caused problems. Now who was runnin the show back then? Oh Yeah, Democrats.

Moe the pedophile was a big fan of little girls. Anyone ( ANYONE ! ) who lays hands on a child should be eliminated. No quarter.


There are consequences & there are consequences. If the US is responsible for the behavior of radical Islam, who was responsible for the Islamic insanity the 1,100 years before the US existed? A primitive barbaric cult, thinly veiled as a religion, that was founded by a pedophile. A degenerate magnet. Now, a list of terrorist attacks around the globe. The majority are Muslims killing Muslims. List of Attacks
Last 30 Days
2001 (Post 9/11)