Refugee from The Last Refuge

Hello, Everyone.

I don’t have any particular feedback and chose this category to introduce myself since I couldn’t find an appropriate category.

I am a refugee from The Last Refuge where I have been banned from posting for calling out Sundance. He began a smear campaign against Mike Pompeo. I challenged him to produce documentation or apologize for the smear. He did neither but banned me instead.

I found this site after searching the internet for folks having problems with Sundance.


Welcome "The_Last_Refugee!

Join the club! There are some here who have gone through exactly what you have when participating on the CTH website. I created a thread dedicated to this topic for ex-CTH or “Treepers” as they like to call themselves over there, because they are more interested in creating an echo chamber at CTH than to have honest balanced discussions.

Anyway, take some time to read the thread.

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Yes, reading your thread is what prompted me to take a closer look at this site. Thank you.

Cool! I am glad you did. To be clear, I think Sundance is great writer with great insights and I still go there on occasion to gain better perspective to certain issues not normally being covered in the news, but the forum and its format sucks. I mean, for as popular as the site has gotten, you would think he would update his template to be more main stream to reach a broader audience? Silencing opinions that differ from his own, is not only harmful to his brand but dumb IMO.

Hey @The_Last_Refugee glad to have you here. This is about as free and open a space as you are going to find.


Greetings from Alaska @The_Last_Refugee - don’t waste your time with the bullshit and the old and dying forums. We’ve got a good thing going here thanks to the folks who don’t run it like tyrants. Hats off to them. Vote with your feet (or your keyboard in this case) and bring your friends.


I was a member there a few years back. I didn’t like the attitudes of the moderators and didn’t stay very long. All views here are welcome. We get liberals who post somewhat frequently but the ones who only pop in once in a while don’t last long because the moderators won’t rush in to create a safe space for them…or anyone for that matter. All of the bans I have ever seen here were earned and deserved.


Thanks for dropping by @The_Last_Refugee

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Screw worrying about whoever this Sundance clown is or what he thinks. You’re here now so participate.

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Sounds like the story of my (messageboard) life . . . being unceremoniously banned by bigoted or prejudiced moderators.

Welcome to PB, you’ll be okay here.

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From my experiences on messageboards, I’m convinced they employ ‘members’ whose job it is to specifically target and provoke those whom the site owner and moderators decide they don’t want around; then the provocation ends with the victim by spuriously accused of either disrupting the board, or contravening some obscure rule. An ‘appeals procedure’? Forget it - they just pull the plug and in the blink of an eye you’re persona non-grata.

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Welcome to the forum!

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Welcome - now don’t be like those other stragglers. You have a space here and new friends to make. Start posting.


Yes, we need more active members.

Looks like The_Last_Refugee wasn’t a very active member? lol He’s a Brit so I guess this board was too US-centric for him.

Do you do much reading?