Real MAGA Has Never Been Tried

Ann has been more consistent than Trump has been post-election. Neocons salty as fuck she’s calling out the bullshit.

Trump really is amazing at selling total bullshit though. Gotta give credit where it’s due.


The base walked when Trump showed he was a puppet who was not going to combat the invasion. His only supporters now are MIGAtards.


Based Ann - she’s an absolute psycho but she consistently delivers the goods. This triggers the neocons so badly because deep down they know she is right.

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People here don’t know what MAGA is. Children with their misplaced perceptions have no idea what the hell they are talking about most of the time and so they create threads here like this to quell their zanex withdrawals with false perceptions and expressing it like teenage angst! Read policy first and actually know how all the moving parts work before make false assumptions of what is actually going on!

So after doing an internet search, it appears that he didn’t say that and it’s Anns opinion.

Do you have proof he said it in PA???


Got any proof he said that??? Or its this how Ann delivers the goods???

Are you calling Ann Coulter a child?

Are you saying that Ann Coulter doesn’t know what MAGA is?

Do you believe that Ann Coulter doesn’t know what’s going on and is having Xanax withdrawals (which sounds hot omfg).

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This is just Trump playing 4d chess. By not building a wall, or locking up Hillary he gets to use that as a campaign issue. Even the 3,275,000 illegals he brought in so far can be used as a campaign issue because of the rapes and murders they commit. Use your brains. Next term he will get stuff done.


You wish…

Is Anne Coulter a conservative? Seems she has some issues with Trump.
The Democrats/The Left are the ones who are for open borders. Obviously so they can get the illegals to vote for them. Trump wants the wall. But the Democrats are the ones who are in the way.
Doesn’t she even care to understand that?

No, she’s a lifelong liberal. I believe she teaches a few courses at UC Berkeley too.

What is a neocon in your opinion?
Originally used to describe left-wingers who crossed the floor, or are neocons the authoritarian right, rather than the traditionally conservative libertarian right.

neocons both inside and outside the direct orbit of the Standard have the distinct honor of being the conservative faction that has demonstrated the most intellectual integrity in the Trump era.

And there are other definitions of Neocon which has become a generic term to man anything a person wants it to mean and is generally disparaging.

That explains her strife with Trump.

I always thought she was an Atheist, too!

Trump is just another ■■■ but defninitely way better than a lot of his counterparts.

Trump only cares about one thing. Israel.

I would much prefer to accelerate into the coming collapse than prolong this agonizing collapse any longer.

You weren’t paying attention.

She is not in the loop in what the “process” is and what is going on, she only writes what is suppose to or wants to happen, not of what solutions to propose to overcome the many obstacles this president has to overcome. Give him a second term and we will see a full scorched Earth approach!

That bag of bones with sunken eye sockets and boney ass? Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder! I like mine with a little junk in the trunk! Lol! To each is own!

Some people…

These youngsters don’t have a clue how America was, or the social, deeply religious, and technological context that MAG…

I told my kids, young teens, that their grandparents on my side of the family never saw a movie, or any type of video until they were in their 20’s/30’s, and probably had no exposure to even written fiction. I offered them $1 if they could name 3 movies that they had seen that were not fiction. I have not had to pay out any greenbacks yet.

A bunch of these people can’t recognize a has-been doper dead-head blonde that flips poles weekly.

Anne used to be something, not anymore.


There’s zero evidence to suggest Trump has lost the base. If he’s lost anyone he’s lost some of the extreme right Racist/Nazi bunch but they don’t make up even 1% of Republicans or Independents that voted for Trump.

Hell, they don’t make up 1% of the country thankfully.

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Coulter is a conservative who makes her living as a flamer. It doesn’t matter who’s in office she’s a bomb thrower.

No, he didn’t say it, it’s just Coulter’s bomb throwing paraphrasing.

There’s certainly no evidence supporting that claim.

America was 90 percent white up until the late 1960s.