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I’m so up to here with all this “talking smack” and nothing happens. Generally, the smack-talking ends up with, alligator punches, guys stepping in, separating the smack talkers, and that’s that. I’ve been in my share of scuffles and the ones that got me is the silent type who doesn’t say squat and comes out of nowhere with a cold cock. The Bundy’s are being threatened again with action by the Feds, it never ends they’ll keep coming. I just hear a lot of heat with no fire in Virginia with both sides eventually backing down somewhat like the ole Hegalian dialectic and the state gaining ground, rinse repeat until you’re defanged. I really hope I’m wrong we need a momentum ‘turning point’.

That’s how things work in a civilized society.

We don’t take up arms until all other means have failed.

Bullshit - You talk about your experience in all those areas and more constantly. You dont like it when someone calls you out on your google fantasies.

Funny how when we were discussing big pharma you suddenly had a family connection with running pharmacists. Talk about flying and suddenly you have experience piloting a plane.

But now I am bored. I am sure there will be more topics where I can call you out.

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How many from Hollywood threaten our President and nothing happened ?

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Stop lying, I never claimed I’m a cop, anywhere. Never claimed that I’m a Pharmacist anywhere.

You’re lying.

I didn’t suddenly have a connection to “big Pharma” anyone who knows me has known my family has been in medicine and pharmacy for almost a hundred years.

My original plan for my life was to go into the warrant officer flight program in 81 so I took the logical route and learned to fly fixed wing aircraft to give me a leg up both in selection and once I got to flight school.

Now go troll someone else and stop lying.

Oh they all get interviewed by FBI and or Secret Service but no action can be taken unless the threat proves to be credible.

If it can be found they are serious about it and there’s evidence they are preparing to make an attempt then they can find themselves in prison for a few decades, till then not much can be done other than letting them know they are on the radar.

No one is trolling you and no one is lying. You do not like that someone is finally calling you out on your bullshit and so called expertise on every motherfucking topic on the planet. Now run along and take your dogs out for a walk.

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Yeah , I can see peter and Lisa drilling those azzhole hard . :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

You are lying. I never made the claims you attributed to me, that is lying.

Continuing on like this is most certainly nothing but personal trolling.

Grow the hell up.

How is pointing out your own words trolling? I expect my own opinions and thoughts to be challenged when i make them public and they have been. This is why ai can grow as a person because my world view is not narrowly defined and I am open to looking at any issue from a variety of perspectives. Everyone should try it.

And you have made all the claims I discussed. As i said though this and your comments bore me now so run along.

You lied, and continue to do so and that is nothing but trolling.

I don’t know anything about that.
I do know that the Oathkeepers were told to keep away from the Proud Boys/AntiFa
confrontation in Portland last August, because the Proud Boys leadership were too
casual about associating with white nationalists. I thought that was a good decision.

But if they don’t even turn up to ordinary events, that’s bad.

The idea that one generation ‘did something’ and ‘passed on a mess’ to the next generation is superficial thinking of the worst sort. Each ‘generation’ consists of a huge number of people, some of them with great power, some of them with none. And it consists of people with a spread of political beliefs.

The idea that a Democratic-voting coal miner in West Virginia, a Republican-voting waitress in Kansas, a paleo-conservative wealthy businessman in Michigan, and a Hollywood ultra-liberal millionaire, all constitute a ‘generation’ which collectively did something … is ridiculous.

But if we must talk of generations as collective entities, I would say that this view actually reflects the narcissism of many spoiled brats of the current generation. But not of the whole generation.

I don’t see exactly what you’re responding to here, but my guess is this:

Certain political associates of mine and I have been urging people, via various social media channels, to turn out to Richmond, and to follow the instructions of the organizers. And very definitely not to pay attention to the crazies and provocateurs who have been screaming about ‘arresting the governor’ and ‘trying the traitors for treason’, and all the other bullshit at which these these phoney paper tigers excel.

But some people have been saying, no no, it’s a trap, stay at home.

In either case, they were doing the work of the enemy.

Now we know who was right: we had a large, peaceful demonstration. Even the lying mainstream media – who were projecting all sorts of scary things, white nationalists, etc – even they had to report it relatively honestly.

But I assume you disagree with that, and would not have gone to Richmond? I hope you would have gone. We won a big victory. If people had stayed away, it would have been a big defeat. If a crazy had come and started shooting, it would also have been a defeat.

You’re waiting until the “time for words is over”? Since I don’t know you, I don’t know if this is just a puff of adolescent hot air, which is what it sounds like, or if you’re serious.

If you’re serious, then, yes, we must prepare for that time. I assume you’re enrolled in a local militia unit.

That’s why every patriot under 36 should aim to do military service if he has not already – either via ROTC, or by enlisting in the National Guard.

And in any case, every patriot should find and join a local militia unit: come to to find one near you.

Not following you here. I’m assuming you’re replying to my post re. SDS and the FBI’s role in supporitng the Weathermen. Do you doubt this happened? If so, you want to read Bryan Burrough’s excellent Days of Rage and David Cunningham’s There’s Something Happening Here: The New Left, the Klan, and FBI Counterintelligence.

There have not been many ‘defections’ from the FBI: Google on the name ‘Jim German’ for the most well known. Also look up the ‘COINTELPRO’ investigations.

I ought to make it clear that I am generally supportive of the FBI. We need a secret police in the modern world, unfortunately. And it’s perfectly understandable that if an organization has people in it who start talking about killing people, they’re going to get the attention of this organization or some organization similiar to it.

See this video for a Fox News investigation of a militia group in Michigan – overall, they’re fine. But they did have someone who was a hot-air spouter, and now he’s in trouble.

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There is no need to assume anything.

I can do that, too. It was this one:


Okay, thanks. Each discussion board seems to use the same basic software, but each one is different in various important ways. It takes a while to learn the specifics for each one. And for some reason, it seems to take me longer than it did 20 years ago.

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I experiment with all the “buttons”. Often I am surprised by the results.

Having been born in 1943, I lived several years prior to the public use of the internet, indeed even prior to the invention of the transistor that made high speed data transmission and calculations possible.

I recall playing with a crystal radio, at the time an amazing device. From recent internet searches, I find that these are still available…in manufactured and kit form. I recommend that young students of technology obtain and experiment with crystal radios.

Here is one blurb from Wikipedia concerning the “Foxhole radios” used in WWII to provide undetectable radio receivers to soldiers. Since the crystal radios contained no power driven oscillator, they were undetectable by the enemy.

Interesting. We share a birth year, and also early experimentation with crystal radio sets. I can remember writing Fortran IV programs on punched cards.

I recall reading the in some Japanese POW camp (British prisoners OF the Japanese) they succeeded in constructing a crystal receiver. To me, the reception of radio signals without electronic amplification, and turning those signals into sound, is one of the most astonishing aspects of the universe revealed human ingenuity: two miracles combined.

At Georgia Tech, in the early 60s, there was one computer. It was housed in a dedicated building. It utilized vacuum tubes as diodes to configure the gates (and, or, nand, nor) into shift registers, ring counters, adders and such to facilitate the needs of Boolean mathematics.

We would hand punch each card required, stack them (in proper order) within a suitable box and deliver them to the font counter. We would get a receipt and a time to pick up the results (on dot matrix-line printed paper) and the punch cards…usually days, maybe a week later. IIRC, the computer ran 24/7.

A program that required hours of computer run time back then would take seconds on today’s computers.

I have several handheld calculators that have more computing power than the monster at Tech could muster.


We’ve drifted off topic and I apologize for my contribution to that effort. Regarding the punishment for verbal threats (spoken, written) toward government officials, I think the punishment depends solely on the whims of those who are targeted and those who carry out the prosecution and judging of the threats.

I personally know of a situation wherein a man was sentenced to a year in prison for stealing a can of tomatoes…solely because of the political clout of the person from which the can was stolen, a man who was a multimillionaire. He wanted to teach his other employees (hundreds of poverty level laborers) a lesson.

The same vindictive attitude may apply to threats against the good old boys in government. Depending on how “well connected” they are to the prosecutors and judges on the case, the sentences may vary from a slap on the wrist to the maximum allowed by law.