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The Hard Left want to use the force of the state against patriots. They want to divert the justified anger of people who have grievances against government into something that will destroy them. Here is what can happen when you let your temper rule your intellect:


New Jersey Resident Sentenced For Threatening To Murder A United States Congressman And His Staff

CAMDEN, N.J. – A New Jersey resident was sentenced yesterday to 87 months in prison for threatening to murder former U.S. Rep. Frank LoBiondo and members of the congressman’s staff, U.S. Attorney Craig Carpenito announced.

Joseph Brodie, 40, of Millville, New Jersey, was previously convicted in Camden federal court on two counts of making threats to officials, officers and employees of the United States – specifically, for a telephone threat to murder LoBiondo’s chief of staff and an email threat to murder LoBiondo, his chief of staff, his veterans affairs liaison, and all of the other staff of the Mays Landing office. During the sentencing hearing yesterday, the Court determined that over the course of the prosecution, Brodie had obstructed justice and that there also was evidence to show he had intended to carry out his threats.

According to documents filed in this case and the evidence presented at trial:

In the spring of 2017, Brodie reached out to LoBiondo seeking assistance with the medical care and treatment that Brodie was receiving from the Veterans Administration. Over the course of the next few months, Brodie spoke and corresponded with the congressman’s Veterans Affairs Liaison and a caseworker, both of whom assisted him with appointments and meetings regarding his medical care. On Sept. 19, 2017, Brodie contacted the congressman’s office and spoke to the chief of staff on the phone. Brodie wanted the chief of staff to arrange a meeting with the congressman, but the chief of staff refused. During this phone call, Brodie became angry and ultimately threatened the life of the chief of staff – calling him “a dead man.”

Approximately an hour and a half later, Brodie sent an email to the congressman’s veterans’ affairs liaison as well as the caseworker, threatening their lives as well as the lives of the congressman and his staff in the Mays Landing Office. In this email, Brodie stated that he wanted to meet the congressman “face to face” and he pointed out “how easy” it was to find the congressman’s Mays Landing Office. Brodie also attached a terrain map of the area, with the area around the congressman’s office enlarged for detail and a red pinpoint location marker on the office. Writing about the map, Brodie stated, “[i]t even shows the environment and surrounding terrain, parking lots, wooded areas, etc., (like the kind a highly trained Combat Infantryman would use)…”

On the same day as the threats, Brodie sent text messages to his fiancée stating: “I threaten the life of a Congressman’s Chief of Staff. I’m pretty sure the Secret Service are going to investigate.” He also wrote that he was “prepared” for any law enforcement officers who might respond to his home. He wrote, “I’ll give them a chance to leave. If not, it’ll be First Blood Part II Type Shit (if you never saw that Rambo movie).” Brodie also wrote, “I won’t surrender. It’s not in me.” The same day, Brodie spoke to his fiancée on the phone and told her that he was going to travel to an address in New Jersey, that he had GPS coordinates in his car, that he was going to kill LoBiondo’s chief of staff, and that there was going to be a “blood bath.”

One week later, in a statement recorded by the FBI, Brodie confessed to having made the phone threat to the chief of staff on Sept. 19, 2017, and to having sent the email threat on Sept. 19, 2017.

The evidence showed that at the time Brodie made these threats, Brodie owned several firearms and a large amount of ammunition at his home.

He “won’t surrender, it’s not in me”. Wanna bet? This is typical of a certain kind of blow-hard. I don’t know if this man is one, or has just been influenced by them. If you read this article it seems clear that he had real grievances – I’ve known lots of vets who absolutely hate the VA, and for good reason: government medicine, what could go wrong?

Well, now he’s going to get several years of free government medical care.

They’re just trying to make an example of this veteran and they should be ashamed of themselves. Clearly the guy had issues but if this were some transvestite that had recently chopped his cock off and made similar threats or outbursts they would be lauding him/her as a hero and telling everyone that they need to understand how difficult things are for trans people. No one ever gives any consideration to veterans and what they may be going through. They want to paint them as nut jobs who own weapons and will use them.

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The vet probably didn’t like being used like a chess piece by some political hacks who are elected to serve him.

87 months in prison for words and spouting off at the wrong people. Oh say can you see!

Things are starting to heat up. Just wait until the accelerator gets pushed and the time for words is over.

All this is true, but … they’ve got the power now.

And with recent mass shootings by maniacs, they’re not likely to be straining the quality of mercy and dropping it like a gentle dew from the heavens. Americans have grown up in a very tolerant country – Fifty years ago Bill Ayiers and Bernadine Dohrn could create an organization dedicated to, literally, waging war against their own government – the Weatherman slogan was “Bring the War Home”, a play on “Bring the Troops Home” – and nothing happened to them, except to be made Distinguished Professors. (Bill Ayers says he regrets “Not Doing More”.)

But that was the Left, in the days of the terrible fascists Nixon and Reagan and Bush I. The lefty kiddy-bombers had to actually be caught killing people before anything was done.

Don’t think they will be so merciful with us. So: WATCH WHAT YOU WRITE AND SAY, especially since today, unlike fifty years ago, it’s all being recorded, and can be read out at some point in the future to a cold, unsmiling jury.

So … we’ve got to be smart. Those of you who have been in the military know what “fire discipline” is – wait for the command to open fire, don’t just shoot at the first target you see. Well, in our political comments we’ve got to exercise “fire discipline”.

It would be very handy if someone with legal expertise would write, or point to, a summary of the laws regarding threats, written and verbal. When AntiFa chant “Death to Fascists” are they doing anything technically illegal, since they believe all Republicans are fascists?

And: I believe we are going to see a real push to outlaw “private armies”, which are already technically illegal in several states, aimed at the Militia Movement. A legal scholar has already written an article to this effect, which I believe is a ‘straw in the wind’. It would be useful if someone with legal experience could provide a summary, or a link to a summary, of the laws governing “private armies”.

87 months; well I guess ya gotta watch what you say. That being, depending who you are. Looks like ( snicker ) intellectuals are different. Bill Ayers planned to murder 25 million Americans! - YouTube

https:// /watch?v=XBtANp4IKVk

Jun 26, 2012 · Bill Ayers said when he took over America he would send Patriots to re-education camps and murder those who would not accept the New World Order. He estimated he would have to murder 25 million.

Always fantasizing about civil war…

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Ayers is a nasty guy, not even liked by his fellow Weathermen, but I do not believe he said these things. However, I wouldn’t mind being proved wrong.

What are your sources for these quotes?

Okay, I’ve watched the Grothwall video extract – I’ve actually got his book on order from Amazon. I see what you mean. Note that the video says he was a ‘member’ of Weatherman. Technically true, but he was an FBI agent … the only one the FBI succeeded in getting into Weatherman when the went underground. So we must not take his testimony uncritically. Nevertheless, I do believe that the Weathermen could well have said something like this, even though they never wrote anything like it down.

The Weathermen were different from the rest of the Left, in that they explicitly saw the American people as their enemies. The rest of the Left believed they could win the American people over to an anti-war stance (and they were right). The Old Left, and that minority of the New Left that carried on with Old Left Marxism, also believed that they could win the American working class over to socialism .

Weathermen rejected this: they wanted to ‘Bring the War Home’, and even jokingly transformed the Maoist slogan “Serve the People” into “Fight the People”. They never seriously thought they could take power, though. They saw their role as extending the struggle of Third World peoples (as they saw it) into the US, not leading an indigenous revolution. They may have had some vague idea of socialism being imposed on America by triumphant Third World armies.

The Weathermen, most of whom were from very well-off homes and went to elite colleges, actually pre-figured today’s Left, who despise the American working class, seeing them as hopelessly backward deplorables, clinging to their God and their guns.

They actually played a very good role in our history, however, and were critical in striking a blow for liberty. They were leaders of the Students for a Democratic Society, which grew from nothing to 100 000 members by 1969. SDS was ‘entered’ by the Progressive Labor Party, old-fashioned Marxist-Leninists who had split from the CPUSA ten years earlier. PL grew rapidly within SDS, since they had a concrete perspective – the 'Worker-Student Alliance – whereas the other SDS leaders were vague about strategy. At the 1969 conference, the ‘National Office’ leaders, who included the Weatherman people, expelled PL from the organization (although PL’s delegates had a majority) … and then the Weathermen in the National Office of SDS in Chicago dissolved SDS and destroyed the membership records. So Weatherman killed off what could have become a very large organization of the Left.

It’s too much to hope that there will be a similar development within the DSA.

There were a number of undercover FBI agents at the SDS convention. They were ordered by J Edgar Hoover to vote for the most extreme wing of the organization in any dispute, so they supported Weatherman. (This is almost always the case with infiltrators, historically. The head of the Bolshevik fraction in the Russian Parliament in 1912, Roman Malinovsky, was an agent of the Tsar’s secret police, the Okhrana. Lenin loved him, because he was such a hardliner, attacking the other non-Bolshevik socialists and preventing the unity of the left wing parties. )

The immediate lesson for patriots is that groups which attract the attention of the authorities, such as the militia movement, will get infiltrated. There is no way of preventing this. And the infiltrators will support the most extreme people in the organization. If you’re in a militia, and one of its members is urging everyone to take their guns to the state capital and arrest the governor, there is a good chance it’s an FBI informant talking. Not that there are not plenty of authentic home-grown crazies.

The broader lesson is not to let emotion cloud your judgement. Weatherman saw Vietnamese being napalmed by the US, and it drove them crazy. They felt justified in what they did. But from their own point of view, they made a terrible mistake: their bombings actually damaged the anti-War movement, and did nothing to hinder the American war effort.

Similarly, people who are upset about attacks on the Second Amendment must not let themselves get pushed into doing something stupid. An action may be ‘morally’ justified, but pragmatically counter-productive. We have to do what works not what feels good.

This must be why the oathkeeper is in the 3 percenters never show up for anything meaningful or eventful.

This type of thinking is why our rights have steadily been eroded over the years. Go along to get along doesn’t fucking work.

Hard times create strong men. Strong men create good times. Good times create weak men. And, weak men create hard times.

I can see immediately where you fall out on this. It’s okay old man sit back in your easy chair and enjoy the good times that were handed to you. It’s our time to clean up the shit mess you and your generation have created and so selfishly handed off to us. No one is asking you to show up and do shit. So don’t bother trying to dissuade others from stepping up and being men. You clearly don’t understand how fucking pissed we are.


You need to mind your manners young man…

You can stay in your seat too. I’m not going to cater to the generation that fucked this country up. You all had the ball and you dropped it. Own it.

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There is a limit to how far any real man will be pushed before he finds himself in a no win situation and decides to take whatever means he has at his disposal to fight back.

While there have been huge improvements at the VA as far as accountability over the last three years it’s still a morass of bureaucrats who don’t give a damn and hate to actually do their job since it requires more than sitting at their desks BS’ng and drinking coffee.

Apparently an FBI agent ( infiltrator ) was privileged to the meeting where it was brought up.

Instead of bitching about it why don’t you get involved and do something to change it?

I’ve been involved and engaged since the mid seventies on gun rights issues.

I’m an RSO, CRSO, and instructor as well as 2nd Amendment advocate.

We’ve been winning this war since the seventies.

Is that in addition to being a pharmacist, paramedic, law enforcement officer, soldier, and pilot?

you have been waging a war for 40 plus years and you think you are winning? You might want to redefine your definition of winning.


I guess it’s easy to make your case in your own mind when you base it all on a lie.

Never claimed to be a pharmacist or that I’m a cop.

Your lies didn’t work on the other forum and they aren’t going to work here either. Here we can call you and them what they are without fear of retribution.

In 77 we were on the verge of having handguns banned throughout the US along with so called “assault weapons”.

Today not only are handguns still legal, lawful carry has been expanded to all fifty states and the NRA has become the most effective and feared lobbying organization in the US.

That’s “winning”.