Rally for Our President! MAGA March into DC! Nov 14 🇺🇸

See? This is what I have been saying! Get off your freaking asses and get to DC to show your support!



Here in Reading Pa, I EMailed the Republican Party ,no answer. I he mailed the Brks County Patriot Party and received an answer about the MAGA MARCH . I called the local talk show , hosted by an EXTREME LIBERAL , he hadn’t any idea about the March. So much for the media.
He adked me where I found out about the March and I mentioned Poiitical Bullpen.
I’ll say something on his behalf as he was reprctful snd mot SMARY.

Enjoy the rally. His fat ass is out of there in January :rofl:

Say goodbye to your one-term president.

Not until it goes through the courts, probably to the SCOTUS. Don’t have your ORGASM YET!!!
I suppose you believe in back dating mail in ballots ,allowing them to be counted and allowing them to be mailed in by Christmas . I suppose you believe in the Tooth Fairy and Green Men from Mars.The last part is only a joke and the election hasn’t been certified yet. Put away the champagne and give it to us TRUMPERS after he wins.


Democrats can’t get in the White House he needs rk declare a national emergency

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You know for a fact Joe Biden stole the election. You are just going along with it because of your hatred for Trump. Your bullshit TDS is destroying this country.

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Yeah you are a real winner aren’t ya?

I’ll be there Sat as I just received an Email from the Berks Patriot Party that I have a seat on the bus.TRUMP IS MY PRESIDENT, NOT JOE BIDEN STALIN !!!
GOD BLESS PRESIDENT TRUMP and success in the court challenges…

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And now Trumps lawyers are giving up across the country. Of course these are Soros funded globalist deep state lawyers. Somehow Trumps team was unable to hire god fearing red blooded Patriotic American lawyers.

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I am so glad to have found a pro-Trump forum. I hope that there is massive turnout to support the President and the American people!


As of this time, I’m on a bus headed to DC Freedom Plaza for noon march.GOD BLESS PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP , his family and a successful election challenge.

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What are you talking about? It’s one law firm that withdrew from representation in the state of Arizona?

Crap! I just started a separate thread on this. My bad. Take plenty of pics @beadencup49

DC is Shutdown - Massive MAGA Turnout!

A MAGA-storm has closed our nation’s capital.

All liberals are advised to shelter in-place to avoid unnecessary triggering.

Their lefty deep state swamp city has been shut down by the MAGA crew. News is breaking that they are already going through soy latte and impossible burger withdrawals.

Stay butthurt leftist bitches!

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Today is the day Trump supporters throw a temper tantrum because the world isn’t catering to them.

Trump lost. Biden won. Deal with it.

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I am sure that the low turnout at this MAGA rally for the lameduck loser correlates directly to Trump and his racist MAGA movement getting completely BTFO beyond recognition.

It’s officially over.

Every single time you post I am reminded of this.


Your racism doesn’t change the fact that Trump lost and Biden won.

It also doesn’t change the fact that no one showed up for this stupid rally for this loser in DC.


It also doesn’t change the fact that they continue having their bogus lawsuits thrown out.