Racist Muslim Ilhan Omar: American soldiers killed 'thousands of Somalis' in Black Hawk Down

Minnesota Demorcatic congresswoman blamed the American military two years ago for killing ‘thousands’ of her Somali countrymen in infamous 1993 battle

  • The urban firefight portrayed in the 2001 movie ‘Black Hawk down’ claimed 18 U.S. military lives and left 73 more wounded
  • Somali militia and civilian casualties were estimated at 315 by the warlord whose forces downed a pair of U.S. Army helicopters and swarmed on their occupants
  • Highest published estimate was the UN’s guess of 500 Somali dead
  • But Rep. Ilhan Omar blasted the Pentagon in 2017 for ‘the thousands of Somalis killed by the American forces that day’

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I think that is used toilet paper she wraps around her head.

She is a stain on our country.

Step into this country with both feet and embrace it. Don’t keep one foot in and one foot somewhere else.

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Killing Somalis is a good thing, tho. The world would undeniably be a much better place if we killed all Somalis.

How can a women in America’s congress be more for a foreign country than the one she “serves”?

Right. Because ALL Somalis are “bad”. :roll_eyes:

Paint with the broad brush that all American “Nationalists” are bad. For the libs the world would be a much better place. :thinking:

Because the people who voted for her feel the same way.

Along with being a criminal, as you can see from her mugshot, Ilhan Omar committed immigration fraud by marrying her brother so he could get a green card. She is not immune from prosecution either.


US saved the lives of 250,000 Somali muslims. Ilhan can’t admit truth…

Omar and her family received safe travel and admission to the USA, Omar received an excellent education thanks to the USA… and today taxpayers pay her annual salary of $180K, yet this is how she thanks the USA… How many USA servicemen lost their lives because of HER war?

I had commented on this very thing the other day.

Crime and incest are just a part of Muslim culture you insane bigot.:rofl:


The manner in which that trash has been acting of late , don’t be surprised to see her strap on a suicide vest !!! :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

People will say you are exaggerating. But if and when it happens, they will say “This could not have been predicted. She was so so loving and kind.”

She needs to be thoroughly x-rayed and searched upon coming within 100 yards of our national Congress.

And keep her out of the SOTU events!

The Somalis were trying to kill the soldiers.

If 10,000 Somali combatants had died that day I wouldn’t care. Just like I don’t care how many Germans died during the Battle of the Bulge.


That ^^

It’s not like the US forces went in there with the intent to kill a bunch of Somalis. The body count was a matter of self-defense. Nothing more.


Hey, perhaps we should return the Somali’s in the US to help repopulate Somalia.


Just thinking more about this woman entering congress .

If conservatives acted like liberals, they would scream and wring their hands when this woman approaches. They would file lawsuits against Pelosi saying they feel threatened and vulnerable everytime this woman enters the room. They would hire people to wear the bloody garb of islamacists’ prisoners and soldiers fallen in Mogadishu and follow her around silently wherever she goes.

This is how the left behaves. Maybe we should fight this bitch of a hate filled fire with our own fire.

While you guys have been busy screaming “NAZI” at a few of us…this is exactly what we have been saying.

You are confused. She is not a ■■■■

I’m not confused at all. She’s not ethnically European. Even then, that’s not really a problem so long as America once again becomes a majority European nation. However her religious connections and fraudulent immigration actions should be concerning to all.

And…yes, we should be playing the identity politics game. Taking the moral highground and pretending like race and culture doesn’t matter has got us in the mess we are in with a full-on third world invasion sponsored by the left.

But…conservatives can’t say anything too crazy because they might get called racist :clown_face: