Racist Muslim Ilhan Omar: American soldiers killed 'thousands of Somalis' in Black Hawk Down

She has some problems with reality.

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If the local armed forces had pulled back they wouldn’t have suffered the casualties that they did.

Indeed, their incompetence in pressing an attack against a determined and able defender is what made their casualties as bad as they were. Sun Tzu wouldn’t be impressed. Tactically they probably should have formed their own defensive parameter and made our forces fight to get out. Once our boys were committed to an attack on some part of it their uncommitted troops could have hit our rear. If we air evacuated as we should under those circumstances they would still be able to claim however fatuously to their own side that they drove us off with minimal casualties on their side and brag about a tactical victory.

Yeah, supporting her over Trump. Talk about going full retard.

So, in to your way of thinking you would rather have a “European” over a Ben Carson? Even if that “European” was a lazy, gobmnt cheese eater?

I wonder sometimes if she’s really just too stupid to breathe and feed herself or just lying out her ass constantly or some combination of both.

The sad thing is that the vast majority of Somalis are just decent folks trying to survive in hell.

If not for the US Omar and her family would have likely died there.

She’s a disgrace to the nation.

We could improve the country dramatically simply by tracking the pirate boats back to their bases for say six months then once we know where they are operating out of launch a massive covert airstrike to wipe every one of them out and destroy all of their boats and infrastructure.

The pirates pretty well provide the financing for all of the warlords.

Perhaps she operates on the principal that if you say it enough it becomes fact.

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It says alot about somebody like her and cortez whose families were allowed to come here and given all the benefits of a native born citizen – then they turn on our country like a rabid animal. I’m for sending all the slime back where it came from.

What’s amazing is the people who vote for them. Surly they are not that uninformed.

In the case of Omar they’re probably other Muslims.

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An ever growing percentage of each of the last couple of generations were raised to believe the US is evil and to hate it.

They want the US to fail so they can rebuild a SJW authoritarian utopia in it’s place.

That would be the non-Muslims.

Muslims like Omar appears to be, the Muslim Brotherhood sort, want to build the sort of State that they can hurl SJWs off of roofs, behead them, or stone them whilst buried up to their waist.

Completely true, but the Muslims make up such a tiny percentage of the population they are really pretty much a non factor.

When they reach 20-30% lookout.

Actually, 10% would be far more than adequate to deal with the cowardly, appeasing, we understand because we’re bad Left.

Heck, 5% might be enough to completely roll over the Left to institute every aspect of Sharia that they want and, as with the Danes of old once you foolishly paid the Dane-Geld, whatever appeasement will be offered by the Left will only make Muslims more demanding all the sooner.

Remember, the Left has ALREADY rolled over to appease and support the homosexuals etc and they make up significantly less than 5%.

Yes but that change has been incremental. Get them to 20-30% nationwide and they’ll have control over most of the major cities and thus control of the political machine and there will then be no more incrementalism.


Omar is rapidly approaching AOC status as an annoying fucktard.

To both nations.

That’s basic libberism 101.