Racist Incestous Muslim Ilhan Omar Says Our Country Should Be More Fearful of White Men

American culture = white culture

American culture can mean different things to different people but one of the aspects of it is a common language, which is slowly eroding (from my experience). Because we have done so much to coddle the Latino population, I have found that many speak little to no English, especially the adults. Likely ten years from now it won’t surprise me if over a quarter of the population speaks little to no English.

There is a likely chance that in the future “America” will simply be pockets of people from different countries most of whom congregate with each other and maintain ties and relationships to their home countries. All of whom just happen to live here.

100% agree

This is not a requirement. Early immigrants can here speaking different languages from Italian, Hebrew, Spanish, Polish, etc. Yes, through generations, they learned English but that is not how they started. Why would we want to hold current immigrants to a different standard?

Maybe. But they would all still be Americans. Adding to the melting pot and this greatness of America.

There is no “White culture”. If that were true all primarily white countries would have identical cultures.

There is no “melting pot” when people don’t assimilate or when the numbers of immigrants are so great they distinctly change the culture by hanging on to what they brought with them.

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It is “Balkanism” pure and simple.

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In the USA there is… I am not talking about Norway

You’re simply making up BS.

Then how did we get “American Culture”? Using your reasoning… we had a large number of immigrants when we founded this country. Of course they all had 1 thing in common… their whiteness. But still, some how we managed to get this “American Culture” you speak of… that you believe is going away.

Then what did you mean by “American Culture”? What is that? When did we have it and when did we start losing it?

It took more than a century to develop.

Originial immigrant groups banded together is distinct communities based on common heritage, custom, religion etc.

That only changed significantly after modern transportation started moving people rapidly and permanently around the country starting with the river boats and railroads.

A unique culture then formed in the US but it took a very long time.

During our first centry and a half or so there were broad expanses of virgin territory that needed to be populated to then take advantage of the natural resources and build the economy based off of same. That required huge amounts of human labor.

Mechanization cut the needed labor force to accomplish the same jobs by about 3/4 in less than fifty years and it has been cut even more dramatically in the last fifty years with robotics and digitization.

We no longer have any need for such mass pools of low end labor and the best predictions we have now show we’ll gut that needed labor force again by another 2/3 or 3/4 in the next twenty years.

What are the millions of illegals flooding the country and their kids going to be doing in 20 years when there are no jobs and the social welfare system collapses under their weight?

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Black racists will continue to behave in a racist fashion with impunity until white folks fight back. Being black myself, I am more effective at calling out liberal white racism. White men are going to have to stand up and fight back against liberal black!

David Clarke is retired Sheriff of Milwaukee County, author of the book: Cop Under Fire, Senior Advisor for America First Policies INC and President of America’s Sheriff LLC.

I’ve always been very fond of Clarke, fine man, good conservative and a real “Peace Officer” at heart.

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It was a quote from this article

Fine man huh?

Where is he now?

What is your solution? Stop immigration?

Not my day to watch him so how would I know?

Cut it to a trickle and completely redo the system limiting it to critical needs and spouses/children of military and foreign service workers as well as Americans working abroad.

The solution certainly isn’t to do nothing.

First we secure the borders, remove as many illegals as we can and completely then revamp the system including such things as requiring sponsors for visa holders and visa tracking.

Eliminate ITN’s and fully integrate and implement E Verify.

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That’s the endgame. Eventually collapse the American middle class so that all that are left standing are those in the political ruling class and the very wealthy. Then the only power left will be government to pick up the pieces as they see fit.

American could just come to be a meaningless generic title, for which many of the disparate groups here have no genuine allegiance to. America could simply just turn into a place to come get a paycheck. It won’t shock me that in future wars there will be incidences of soldiers from different countries turning their guns on their fellow “American” soldiers.