Racist Incestous Muslim Ilhan Omar Says Our Country Should Be More Fearful of White Men


Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) suggested in a recently resurfaced interview that Americans should be “more fearful of white men” than radical Islamic terror.

In an August 2018 interview with Al Jazeera host Medhi Hasan, the far-left “Squad” member was asked for her thoughts on the purported rise of Islamophobia in the wake of terror attacks such as the Manhattan bike path massacre that killed eight people.


They are just some people who did something.

First, it is not clear if she is referring to the USA or her home country. Would be nice to know.

Second, it is time for all white men to start a class-action lawsuit against her for her statements. She is racist to the core, and should not even be in this country. She entered with her father who changed his name and fled his war crimes in Somalia. Time to hand him back over to the people he oppressed.

Third, her lies must be stopped. She must be held accountable for these statements, and made to leave our country. Not our ‘white’ country, but our American country. We do not believe slandering an entire group of people with lies and distortions.

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White Men Are Over 90% Of Frontline Combat Troops
Making Americans Safe To Say Her Silliness

Omar…go choke on pig feces you vile little inbred bitch.

Another Marxist pushing the race card! When they have nothing to base a cogent argument on, this is the result! Let’s not forget in a recent interview she becomes triggered when someone asks her about sharia law or female genital mutilation!

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Well, although this video is doctored… she has a point.

Even the FBI says so. White Nationalist Terrorism is bigger than Muslim terrorism in this country.

We should monitor all white males in this country. Maybe even ban white male immigrants.

Thanks for saying this. You should keep it up. Say it loud everywhere you go and get your friends to do the same. No matter how tense it gets. Keep saying it.

The video isn’t doctored. I’ve seen it on at least 3 different news programs today. All the same video.

Pretty scary to think that this idiot is actually a member of Congress.


He can say it here because he is living his alter ego and would be too chickensh*t to say it in public! Why else would someone make such obnoxious comments and what value does it offer? Only dark hearts who self indulge their loathing while sitting on worn frayed couches of their mommies basements submit to such causes! It’s like drinking poison and expecting others to get sick when it’s themselves they feed such cancers!

Other than defeating her at the polls nothing can be done about her lies unfortunately.

What needs to be done is a full investigation of the likely immigration fraud and if it can be proven she should be stripped of her citizenship and immediately deported back to Somalia.

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Sorry but that just isn’t true at least not in the army.

Hispanics and blacks make up a very large percentage of combat MOS’s.

There’s zero evidence to support the claim the video is in any way doctored. The exact same video is being played on numerous shows and channels.

I think it is quite obvious she’s speaking of the USA. The interviewer asked her about incidents in San Bernardino and New York City…

While I tend to largely agree with her in principal her delivery is problematic.

I also see where nothing she says here is any more or even as offensive as the constant demeaning and demonetization of whites and particularly white males.

I don’t buy into any level of white superiority and surpremacy, but obviously western civilization takes many generations to develop and spread.

I see the problem as cultural not racial and our biggest problem is that we’re taking so many immigrants legally not to mention illegally from countries that as she says are culturally distant and not compatible with American Culture.

We’ve been losing the “American Culture” that took two centuries to develop at a rapid rate because immigrant populations are localizing, rather than spreading and thus keeping their cultural problems rather than assimilating.

From the illegal side, it’s simply a matter of what kind of immigrants we’re attracting starting with the fact they have no respect for our borders, rule of law and aren’t coming here to become Americans and Americanized, but instead to feed off of our welfare state and badly skew the wages and benefits for all by flooding the low end labor market suppressing unnaturally wage and benefit growth that of course feeds then up the ladder.

Secure the borders, remove as many illegals as possible, cut legal immigration to a trickle and make the overwhelming focus of immigration “merit based”.

Immigration should serve our interests not the interests of foreign citizens, or foreign governments and should always benefit the American People rather than lower our standard of living, threaten our economic and political stability and further bloat our welfare state.

We have to keep in mind that over the next 10-20 years many millions of low end labor jobs are predicted to be lost to robotics, computerization and mechanization so we need to work hard at cutting the low end labor force through natural attrition or we’re going to totally collapse the welfare state by probably as early as 2026-2030 and possibly head into a depression by 2036.

Can you support that claim? Generally curious if it is doctored or if you are just emotionally shitposting because Omar is an anti-white racist.

Can’t get past her saying “my country”. Won’t give her that.

It’s NOT her country.

She’s a ditch rat that scurried in through a crack in the wall, now nibbling on my cheese and expecting me to open up the larder for all her ditch rat companions.

Anything the ditch rat says after “my country” doesn’t signify anything.

Here is the full, unedited clip…

She was making a sarcastic quip regarding how Muslims are treated.