Racist Al Sharpton Got Paid Over A Million From His Own “Charity” in 2018

Of course, it isn’t really a charity, and not just because of his outrageous salary. But also because it operates as an extortion racket. Al Sharpton solicits most of his shekels by threatening to make up fake allegations of racism against big (((corporate multinationals))). The (((corporate multinationals))) then pay him to go away via a “donation."



True. Facts are facts. Like pushing Tawana Brawley, Al Sharpton made a career of lies and extortion.


Of course it’s a sham as most “charities” are.


How about you stay on topic, commie?


The topic is that Al Sharpton’s “charity” is a sham. I agreed and pointed out that most all these “charities” are shams. Why pick out just one to expose?

Everyone knows Al Sharpton earned his money by extorting people associated with any incident where a black person might have been a victim. He’s a race hustler and an extortionist who should be in prison. I hope this revelation gets him there.

True, and everybody knows the same of Trump.

But if they try to lock him up, he will claim that they are being racist and then they will have to pay him and his outrage mob to go away.

I can’t stand Al Sharpton.

My like or dislike of a person, what they do and what they stand for isn’t relevant.

The relevant question is did he break any laws.

I used to work for a non-profit charity. That level of salary seems to be obscene. Of course, it depends on how much the charity was taking in but million-dollar salaries in the non-profit world are incredibly rare…unless you are the head of an incredibly large and well-known non-profit with thousands of employees and hundreds of thousands of volunteers.

If the IRS makes the determination that this is inappropriate then he could be in very serious tax law trouble.

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That charade should have landed both of those pieces of shit in prison for life. They caused race riots and one of the falsely accused police officers to commit suicide.


Excellent point.

The man does not have a clean slate with the IRS, does he? He still owes millions in back taxes.

The little person like you or me would be crushed for doing the same.


Very true!!! We would be in a Federal Prison and wouldn’t have people protesting for our release and threatening violence. Even Wesley Snipes went to prison for tax problems.
He is a RACE HUSTLER who caters to LOW IQ people.


That’s when I first learned about the existence of fake news and how the news media will do anything they can to push a story that supports their left-wing narrative, even if it is totally untrue and people die in the process.

He’s been in very serious tax law trouble for years…if not decades. It seems to make no difference. I think even the IRS is too chickenshit to prosecute him.


If the IRS would prosecute him, his supporters would storm into the courtroom, throwing watermelon rinds,chicken bones and chitins at them.

Speaking of fax problems, have you been paying attention to the massive effort Trump is putting into protecting his tax returns. The guy who bragged that he paid no taxes…

I’m satisfied that folks don’t really care about tax evasion except in this case, as usual it’s the person of color being illuminated.

About what the red hatters are going to do when Trump gets impeached…:man_shrugging:

Because every one here knows you have an agenda! To seek any opportunity to insert your OCD on anything anti Trump in any narrative! Your attempt to feign ignorance is telling! Can you be any more pathetic?

Sharpton is a pillar of the black community. The man is a living saint. Anyone remember when fair & balanced Al, brought this to the public’s attention? Top 10 Black Slaveowners - Listverse

https:// listverse.com /2017/06/06/ top - 10 - black - slaveowners -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Someone, anyone? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- He moved from a bloated parasitic hypocrite to an emaciated parasitic hypocrite.