Race-Baiting Don Lemon Attacks African-American Pastor For Not Calling Trump Racist

Don Lemon had a pastor on his show for an interview.

He kept asking leading questions trying to get the pastor to say ORANGE MAN BAD ORANGE MAN RACIST.

The pastor wouldn’t take the bait.

Over the course of the video Don Lemon becomes more and more agitated and starts personally attacking the pastor because he won’t say what he wants him to say.

This is the most CNN segment ever to run on CNN. How can they keep getting away with it?


Someone should kick Don in the face.


Dang that’s just wrong on so many levels. The old man was just trying to talk about helping some kids. It’s good to see he was still quick enough on his toes not to fall into the trap. Don Lemon is a disgrace. People need to stop going on CNN.

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Lemon is so far left he might as well be on the DNC’s payroll saving CNN millions.

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Don Lemon is an uppity homosexual with a microphone. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that he gets butthurt about people who rightfully criticize sodomy.


This was so incredibly mean and unnecessary. The pastor answered all of the questions. Just because Don didn’t like those answers didn’t give him the right to do that. So sad that this is how we treat one another now. There is no respect anymore.

The world is upside down when the godly are attacked and perversion and unrepentant sinners are celebrated.

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When your looks fade you will realize that this has always been a cruel world.

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Want to know why it seem like Trump attacks blacks? Because black politicians are all on the Dem-lib side of politics. Trump attacks liberalism at every turn, regardless of the lib’s color. Dems are putting their black members on the front line to parrot the libberisms, and rightfully those mouthpieces are going to be the ones to draw Trump’s fire. Cummings and Obama and Lemon and Sharpton say stupid libberish. They shouldn’t get a pass because they’re black.

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By which time you have capitalised on your assets and are sitting pretty anyway so don’t give a shit.

Good for the Pastor. He stood his ground and stayed on focus.

In doing so, he made Lemon look petty and biased.

It doesn’t take much to make that uppity twink look petty and biased.

If Lemon was kicked in the face, what would his partner do to receive oral service???

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A typical ■■■ that spews hate because they think their life style is THE LIFE STYLE .

Hello Thunderfart. I see your sidekick, Toss, is right up your rear. Enjoy your weekend!

The spawn of your life rings true I see! I already had a great weekend and didn’t have to dig someone else’s gold to do it!

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No, but you had to pay for a bum chum.

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Ha ha ha! You took the bait it looks like! That is hilarious! Thanks I needed a good a laugh! Priceless!