Quest for food stamp data lands newspaper at Supreme Court

This story is quite interesting! A news paper outlet in South Dakota was wanting to identify fraud cases involving the food stamp program where they requested data about how the program is spending the Tax payers money. Well it took 8 years for these reporters requests to be answered where some information was released but he Government decided to withhold crucial information and now the SCOTUS will hear their case on the argument that such data should be public. Interesting enough the ones who are objecting are the Super market trade associations who argue that such data should be confidential. Hmm? I wonder why?

Yeah…they have no problem of open information of those with gun permits. Remember New York paper that posted a interactive map of all gun owners?


Also known as the map identifying where it was not safe to commit a home invasion?

What does that have to do with this OP? Two different issues. The article I cited is about how money is being spent involving the Food Stamp program and how Tax payers money is being distributed. I fail to see where publishing names of gun owners equates to this story!

Actually it’s one and the same. it’s about posting information…or the fear of that information being posted.


I disagree. This is an issue in wanting to investigate fraud involving the Food Stamp program and where Tax payers money is being spent. It says nothing about posting information but only to bring transparency to who are the ones that are part of the program and how they benefit. Publishing Gun owners addresses is entirely different topic based on entirely different circumstances.

It’s still information, personal information. I understand they want to root out abuse, that’s why we are suppose to have safe guards in place. But we see how well that works out.

But once you give out that personal information we’re going down a slippery slope, keep that in mind. You have no idea how it will be used.


It is not personal information, its information that should be public and made available to the taxpayers. The supermarket associations are benefiting from a tax payer funded program and therefore should not be private nor claim to remain confidential. These are corporations not individual people whose personal information that is going to be exposed, unlike legal gun owners, which is a huge difference!

Then make supper markets account for it, they need to report the amount they receive from food stamps. And if math doesn’t add up then we know abuse is happening. If they don’t want to do it then they can’t except the stamps/card etc.


Correct and you wouldn’t actually need any of the information from Individual holders.


Other than personal details of private individuals I can’t think of any justification for the gov’t hiding food stamp program data.

Am I missing something here?

More likely homes to be targeted by those wanting to steal firearms.

I’m not seeing anything about personally identifying information in their requests. Did I miss something?

I suppose it depends on how stupid and fearless the criminal is.

Frankly, going to the homes NOT on the list for you nefarious activities seems a safer option for your more streetwise hood.

Not really, just wait till they are gone.

The taxpayers can’t find out most information of that type , try to find out the true number of illegals in the USA today , they hide ALL the facts , how many are in prison , how many have criminal records and the like . Is it any wonder our taxes are going up and the number of things being taxed continue to rise .

What that isn’t enough? What’s wrong with you?

? Other than people’s personal info I think it all should be available. Even welfare bums have privacy rights.

So why do they need to publish any of it then? The government already has all of this information anyway.

No, the gov’t other than perhaps the IRS doesn’t have the information and IRS info is protected under federal law.

Wouldn’t you like to see just how much of our tax dollars in the form of welfare/food stamp payments are going to the big corporations like WalMart and the other major food chains?