Quest for food stamp data lands newspaper at Supreme Court

The IRS? Sure, they’ve got the income taxes of those working on food stamps. They don’t actually track the “food stamps” themselves as income, nor do they tax it, so I’m not sure why you think they have it or even care about it. HHS would be the department you’re thinking of. Guess what? They’re the ones issuing the “food stamps.” They’re also the ones responsible for finding fraud.

No personal information needed. See how that works? And it would be perfectly Constitutional.

This isn’t about obtaining information on the food stamp recipients, it’s about obtaining the data from the major chains where those food stamp dollars are spent in order to see just how much of their profits are coming out of the taxpayer’s pockets and to ensure that those dollars are only being spent on approved items.

Which as demonstrated you don’t actually need any of the private information of holders in order to do. See how that works?

And once again, this isn’t about obtaining the private information of food stamp recipients.

It isn’t? That sure seemed like what the OP was about. What are you doing here if you didn’t even read it?

Read the cited article. It’s not about getting individual food stamp’s recipients personal information.

lol wouldn’t want to find out what those stores are actually trading for food stamps or anything… :slight_smile:

Sure. Now. Where does it end? Why is it not ok to publish the names of gun owners, but you’re ok with this exactly? It’s cool. I already know why.

Because their request doesn’t include any personally identifible information and we’re talking about taxpayer money.

Gun owners have a right to privacy and as I said far above even Food Stamp Recipients have a right to privacy.