Pundits and Thoughts on Them

I’ll start with the ones on the right.

The Big Names are NOT conservatives. Hannity, et al are Big Government Republicans.

They are a huge part of the problems in this country. They promote and live on hyperbolic bull shit.

If we would all stop listening to them, we’d be better off.

The ones on the right are no different than those on the left.

They all speak as if they know what’s “best” for everyone.

And they don’t. It’s a circus and they are carnival barkers.

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Fox News in general is not for conservatism. They’re for the status quo while paying lip service to conservative values. Anyone that likes Fox News and thinks that they represent their values is not paying attention. The one exception to this is Tucker Carlson, he may be on our side but if he is, he won’t be for much longer. Everyone gets chewed up by the Fox News machine.

Ok, who is?

I don’t have a “side”.

Why is he the exception?

I assume that you are asking - who is on the side of conservatism? Right now - very few if any outlets. OAN does a good job of presenting information and news of interest to a conservative audience throughout the day without much pundit commentary. Their evening hour shows are typical pundit format and are generally cringeworthy - save Liz Wheeler.

Then you stand for nothing.

Because at the moment he is the only one calling attention to the destruction of America related to forced demographic shifts. He also talks openly about a woman’s place as a mother and homemaker and a man’s place at work - and how that has impacted wages and the middle class. I could go on but maybe you should watch and form your own views - which you didn’t post.

Note: try editing your post instead of replying multiple times. Also - how is this US News & Politics? This is your opinion and you are asking for the opinions of others. You have sourced nothing.


:rofl: I have seen the enemy and you are them.

What a worthless response. Do you have any thoughts on the OP you created or are you just looking to snipe the views of others without providing anything of value yourself?

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They feed your confirmation bias so you like them. Surprise!


and Politics. Who is defining and driving politics in this country?

Try posting the way you like and I’ll do it the way I like. Are you under the impression I report to you?

The OP are my thoughts. Have you ever had a thought that didn’t come from a link?

How did you come up with that? @Ocasio2018 specifically said that OAN adds some value because they DO NOT inject bias in their daytime reporting?

Tucker Carlson tell you to post that?

Read what he wrote again. Of course they do, he just agrees with theirs.

If you don’t have a side how could you possibly formulate a baseline for what is conservative and what is not?

I have a philosophy. Why do I need a “baseline”?

“Sides” is part and parcel of the pundit trap.

I am on my own side.

Ok - so explain it. Conservatism is clearly something you identify with but what you call conservatism may not be what others call conservatism.

Hard to have a conversation when we could be talking about two different things - your version of conservatism could very well be leftist nonsense. I have no way of knowing that unless you define your position.

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Why would you assume any such thing?

I’m using the pundit’s definition. I’ll use yours if you want, what is it?

He wants to feel intellectually superior by creating a shit tier thread then shitting all over everyone because he believes his undefined special snowflake philosophy does’t have a side and is correct.

Reminds me of the saying: your facts end where my feelings begin.

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