Protests Cause City to End Drag Queen Story Hour

It worked here and can work in other places. The fact that other programs were effected proves that Drag Queen Story Hour is a liability.

AUSTIN (KXAN) — Reeling under the backlash from groups opposed to “Drag Queen Story Time,” the city of Leander voted to stop renting out rooms at the library to public groups, effectively ending the controversial program.

Just before midnight, the City Council voted 5-2 on the measure, with Council members Christine Sederquist and Kathryn Pantalion-Parker opposed.

PAST COVERAGE: Nearly 300 people demonstrate outside LGBTQ story time at Leander Public Library

Leander Mayor Troy Hill focused on the monetary aspects of “Drag Queen Story Time,” which cost the city tens of thousands of dollars in security after groups of protesters started coming to the event.

“We brought in $1,800 in rental fees and we spent $20,000 in security. That’s not good math to me,” Hill said.

ADL, SPLC in 3…2…1?

This is actually a major win and proves that once normies see this degeneracy they want it banned.

300 people protesting is a good sized group for such a small town tbh. We just need to ensure normies dont go back into hibernation

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Well, that is encouraging to see people taking a stand against depravity. Especially when it involves children.

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Glad to see it! Finally! Maybe some where watching the Hong Kong protest and took page out of their book!

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From deep in the link…:thinking:

The city’s statement, though, does not mention this as a reason for the event’s cancellation.

“The review includes all presently scheduled events…”

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What part of spending $20,000 for security vs $1800.00 in rental fees do you not get? Are you dyslexic in math too?

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This is actually interesting too. By victimizing the trannies and building a false narrative that a bunch of plump moms are going to assassinate the demons inside reading to children all library’s have had to resort to supplying security for the events. Since they have spread out into rural America and suburbia those institutions do not have the man power or the budgets for such things and if they need to use that as a cope not to hold a reading that is fine, whatever it takes to shut this down.


Agreed. If Drag Queen Story Hour is viewed as a liability due to security costs and risks because of protests, fine. I hope this happens in many other towns across the country.


Yep, throw the baby out with the bath water yep…:roll_eyes: All events are cancelled…

This is far from over.

That’s where it seems to go for lots of things like this.

Catholic Charities adoption services will only place adoptions in households of married man-woman couples, and gays sue. Result: Shut down Catholic Charities adoption services.

Gays want to march in St. Patrick’s Day parades. Result: No parade.

Now this incident.

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I gotta say, though, I have to question the sanity of parents who let their children participate in the tranny story hour in the first place.


So you think it’s appropriate for young children to associate with deranged sodomites?

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Your bigotry on full display.

From the link in the op, this is how many people feel about it.

“I want everybody to feel like they’re welcome here, and I want my son to grow up knowing there are people that are different than people we run into every day at the grocery store or at the library day to day,” Harris said. “We don’t necessarily see that diversity every single day, so I want him to have that experience of seeing difference.”

Yeah - fuck these mentally deranged transvestite ■■■■■■■■ They have no place around our children and neither do those who think they do.


Do as you wish with your children. But you don’t speak for everyone.

I think the point is that these events shouldn’t be held in places like a public library that everyone contributes to through their tax dollars. If some twisted perverted people want to hold a drag queen story hour in their home, then so be it. The issue is this is happening on the taxpayer’s dime.

So you are correct, these library events don’t speak to everyone and don’t appeal to everyone. So everyone shouldn’t have to fund them.


That may be your point. But these rooms are rented out. For the event being discussed, the fee was $1,800.00

No, that wasn’t the issue at all. And if it wasn’t for bigots hanging around outside threatening violence, the city wouldn’t be on the hook for security.

And there it is when all else fails throw down the bigotry card.

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