Protests Cause City to End Drag Queen Story Hour

Wow, sounds like a real elitist.

Maybe, he should take his son along while he does some volunteer work? Perhaps place his son in public rather than private school?

Heck, maybe break out a National Geographic once in awhile?

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But nothing else failed. The bigots will cost the city $20,000 to keep them from harming anyone.

Bigots? Nope. Just people who see transvestites for what their agenda is. Trying to normalize perversion through children. Good for them for putting a stop to it.

If transvestites want to read stories to children, they can find a private venue to do so. Not one funded by taxpayers.


I guess the children had supervision so there wasn’t any attempted molestation. I hope the parents explained to them in a way they could understand about Drag Queens.
If a lawsuit is filed , it could go along way in the appeals process.
Was there another venue the Drag Queens could have used to avoid this ?

Wut? You are saying that transvestites are child molestors? Do you have any studies to back this assertion?

No, that is what I understood from some of these comments.

Then I would suggest you qualify that when you make your “guess” if you aren’t willing to do some research on your own time.

Exactly! This is the kind of shit that has no business being in our public schools or libraries!

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Stick around awhile, you will learn that is Monty Muncher’s fall back when he can’t think of anything else intelligent to rebut with! According to him anyone who opposes liberal pedagogy is a bigot, and racist!

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Sone of these comments are from people who want to whip up HYSTERIA and PARANOIA about Drag Queens who are mainly female inpersonators and entertainers. Not mentally deranged people.
In my humble opinion, some comments were biased and prejudiced. To each their own opinion. I’m more concerned about the taxpayers having to fund a defense against a lawsuit instead pf reaching a compromise solution.


Did you read the link? There’s no accusations of anything like that. The city doesn’t like that they rented the room for 1800 and have to spend 20 thousand to provide security from the bigots that have nothing better to do then huddle outside threatening violence to people they don’t like.

To some people, it is mental derangement to dress like a woman if you are a man.

Many parents feel it is their job to keep their children from being exposed to what is considered deviancy. That is their right as a parent to make the judgement call they feel is best for their child.

What is it not is being bigoted or intolerant. It is a public library and they have every right to expect to be able to take a child to the public setting without encountering anything but normalcy. There would be no difference if the library allowed a neo-nazi to rent the room out to read whatever propaganda they want to push.

None of it belongs in a public library.

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I read it, I’m saying some of the comments made are accusing these Drag Queens of deviant behavior and are a threat to children. Answer my comment about reaching a compromise solution.
These people aren’t qualified to make that statement. It’s personal prejudice.

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