🔴 President Trump's First Oval Office Address


Now you’re asking the right question. :wink:


Keep in mind they have discuss that scenario before if my member is correct…but the repercussion of that would be drastic IMO…and they know that.

Remember New Orleans during Katrina?

Now having said that…for those that don’t think cops would start confiscating guns if they were told to do so…better think again. Remember Katrina.


That’s been the problem all along. Waiting for Dems to take over the House now that Nancy controls the purse strings hasn’t been a good strategy.


Medicare for all
Gun control
Climate change
Voting rights (the left of course hates Voter ID or any voting laws)

Those are the leftists wish dreams. At least one of them will be implemented by a D President. Their base will demand it, and there will be nothing Rs can do about it.

How many times has Reid been thanked for nuking the filibuster? He gets thanked a lot every time a new judge is confirmed. He set the precedent. There wasn’t much Ds could say when McConnell nuked it for SC Justices.


You really think a D President won’t do this for the left’s pet project as soon as he or she gets the chance?

About the only way that won’t happen is if the courts rule against Trump, but that would mean going all the way to SCOTUS and Trump losing there.


How? Medicare for all? How.

Thy can offer it, but how long will that emergency last?

Again I ask how will gun control work?

Can they silence YOU JoAnne using national emergency?

How is voting a national emergency…over about half of voting population don’t vote now as it is. So how is that emergency?

You’re buying into left-wing propaganda.

Now what’s the number one job of executive branch?

Now having said this repugs must hold the line…even if it last 6 months.


How Joanne? How…


The Dems will do it regardless. Trump might as well set the precedent, because the Dems will when they get power and the GOP will offer the same resistance they did to DACA.

Not only will the Dems do that, they’ll finish politicizing the DOJ, IRS and any other instrument of power that kills the opposition. If there isn’t a fight now, we can just kiss our country goodbye. I’m thinking it’s already there, but I still have a tiny hope that it can be resisted.


How? The same way Trump will declare illegal immigration an emergency.

It will be an “emergency” that some people cant pay for their health care and the left says it’s a human right.

You know the left well. I cant believe you dont think they will use it against us as soon as they can.


Only way they wont use it is if Trump loses the case in the SCOTUS.

The biggest nightmare is he wins and then loses the election in 2020. But the president will have been set for a D president, almost certainly a far left loon.

Be careful for what you wish for right now.


You can’t use executive branch to implement a social program…now if their is new airborne highly contagious disease then yes…and rightly so but it will be for that particulate disease/virus.

And you cannot just suspend our civil liberties in a national emergency…hell I don’t think even Ninth circuit wouldn’t go along with that.


Oh BTW…where would they get the money from for national healthcare? Hmm?

Where are you going to divert it from?

Remember the executive branch doesn’t control the purse…he can only redirect the money from department that it’s assigned too.

Again how?


You are really underestimating the left which surprises me

Anyway we will see how this all turns out. I’m certain that the dems will use it against us the first chance they get but obviously opinions differ.

As to whether its constitutional, the courts will decide. I dont happen to think it is but the SC will likely have the final say


The left say lot of things…they’re trying to scare you into not going that route. Their own side said it is within executive branch duties.

The left wants you to believe they can implement new social programs and suspend our civil liberties if Trump does this.

I suggest sticking to your argument that repugs failed in their first 2 years…IMO that valid argument to make. :wink:


What we have right now is a GOP (and boxhead “conservatives”) who imagine that if they play by the rules, the left will, too.

Obama created DACA with no constitutional basis. Obama used the intelligence agencies to spy on the GOP candidate for president. No consequences. The precedent has been set, and the next lefty loon will drive a truck through it. They may use Trump’s actions as an excuse, but even if he doesn’t do it, they’ll make up another excuse.


I think we are in agreement that this would set a bad precedent.

I do have one observation regarding your example though. It is important to note that new legislation isn’t being done by the executive branch with the immigration emergency declaration. Trump is simply looking for alternative funding for border security.

Medicare for all would be a complete rewrite of our healthcare legislation. There is no way that could be done legally by the executive branch without congress. I’m thinking the same would be true for climate change legislation.


Bottom line the wall should have already been funded and built 2 decades ago.

That’s the reality of it all.

And there is plenty of blame to go around.

Secure our border.


That about sums it up nicely. :+1:


Well that’s a good point. But it’s fair to say future Presidents will declare “emergencies” for whatever their base wants and this is not good for the Republic.

Unfortunately we know Congress has abdicated their duties in a big way, and not just in ignoring the illegal aliens issue.


Also, maybe I’ve missed it. What is the plan going forward? To start building only on federally owned land?