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Because California is a liberal shithole state.

The feds should also be cracking down on illegal immigration that allows these vermin into the sanctuaries provided by the liberals.

The federal government is controlled by liberals and conservatives. Each tries to choke off the policies of the other. That’s why Congress never gets anything done quickly. That’s why cases go back and forth in the courts. That’s why policies go back and forth from the Presidency.

President Trump is currently undoing what he can of what Obama did to try to ruin this country.

Democrats (liberals) are opposing everything the President and the Republicans try to do.

Democrats and Republicans have worked together for decades…to screw the American people.


Not saying they did, but by allowing people across the border whether or not they are legally coming across is putting us at risk for more terrorists coming in with them. What happened in Paris not that long ago? Terrorists slipped into the country along with refugees. Allowing the broken immigration policy to continue will cause another national emergency like 9/11 at some point. It’s not a matter of if, but only a matter of when. How many attacks have been foiled already? All it takes is one not being foiled and we’re done.


Wee no, he can legally mobilize the army and start shooting border crossers if he wants, only remedy is impeachment. Presidents have a lot broader powers than you realize. And if the courts interfere, he can tell them to pound sand, same remedy required to stop him from doing so.


That’s just not true. Based on what we’re seeing where we do have effective barriers illegal crossings are down by 90-95% so we know it would be hugely helpful in curbing both the number of illegals getting into the US and the amount of illicit drugs, guns, and money that cross the border illegally in both directions.

“The Wall” is not “The solution” but it is certainly a big part of the solution.


9-11 was just a wakeup call to the nation. The Islamic terrorists had been at war with us for forty years prior. Most people simply didn’t understand it or understand the scale of the threat until 9-11.


Not even close, again, The Constitution.

The border states have been begging the fed’s for decades for help and it very much is a crisis for us every bit as serious as forest fires in the west.

The open border, the crime that comes with it, and the economic impacts of both the illegal drug trade and providing services to illegals along with the suppression of wages and benefits affect the lives of every American whether they realize it or not.

Let’s not forget the hundreds of thousands of victims of illegal crime either. More people have been murdered by illegals in the US than died on 9-11.


This is a Constitutional Republic. Its not a parliamentary system like the UK, Canada and other countries have where their leader can be close to a dictator. Sure, he might have to get his or her party to agree, but they generally allow the leader to make decisions and then rubber stamp whatever he or she wants.

Congress has a duty to be a check on the executive. That’s their job, and they have been failing to do it. This goes back quite awhile and started happening before Trump took office. However as we have discussed, Rs could have done something about this the past two years.

But now that Ds control the House, it’s suddenly an 'emergency".

I’m sure this will backfire tremendously, and Dems can’t wait for their turn when a D President declares something an 'emergency" and there will be nothing Rs can do about it.

It’s called karma.


The only power congress has constitutionally to check him here would be through impeachment and removal from office.

Whether we like it or not he clearly has the power and authority to do this. Should he exercise it? That’s debatable but there’s simply no arguing he lacks the ability to do so constitutionally.

No matter who is holding the office the same emergency powers apply.


So why did he wait until Ds control the House to do anything?

Did Obama act constitutionally when he gave amnesty to Dreamers?

Oh, and this is no “emergency” Trump even said so himself.


So where is the emergency?

And the solution will take years and years to complete. No one is even expecting this will mean a completed wall, which would span about 2000 miles.


Repeating the same questions that have already been answered does nothing to further the conversation.


Because no one has sufficiantly answered them.

No one can show this is an “emergency” because it isn’t.

And I posted this earlier in the thread, but perhaps it needs to be repeated.

Now suddenly this is such a crisis, and coincidentally right after Dems take the House, that the government needs to be shut down for 3 weeks and will almost certainly result in an emergency declaration which the courts will shut down in about five minutes.

This is winning?


Pearl Harbor was an emergency, it took five years and most of our national wealth to finish the fight.

9-11 created an emergency and we’re still fighting 17 years later.

No one expects a 2000 mile solid wall, nor is it necessary. God has put substantial natural barriers along the way, all we need do is fill in between them and monitor the gaps ie “choke points” which are used to minimize where crossings can be made and make interdictions that much easier. Right now we have 1,200 miles of the border completely unfenced that continues to be a huge problem.

As the victims and families of the victims of illegal alien crime and the illicit drugs that free flow across our border if they think it’s worth declaring an emergency to get it done.


Have you checked the numbers from last year?

A staggering 23,121 parents and children traveling as families were caught jumping the border last month. That’s nearly 40 percent higher than any month on record.

It’s also nearly 400 percent more than the number recorded just a year ago.

The numbers underscore the challenge the Trump administration is facing as it tries to tamp down on what appears to be a run for the border by Central Americans, particularly from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.

Pushed by grim conditions back home and enticed into the U.S. by lax policies, children and families from those countries have come to dominate the border immigration problem.

When families, unaccompanied children and single adults are included, the Border Patrol caught nearly 51,000 illegal immigrants in November — the highest since the worst days of the 2014 Obama illegal immigration surge.

SEE ALSO: Feds announce new policy to limit asylum claims ahead of caravan

Customs and Border Protection says another 9,770 unauthorized migrants showed up demanding entry at the official border crossings.

Combined, that amounts to about 2,000 illegal immigrants a day.

Officials believe that the number of illegal immigrants caught by the Border Patrol is a good yardstick for the overall flow. More people caught means more people getting through, so a rise in apprehensions means a rise in overall rates of illegal immigration.

The Trump administration took action this week to try to close “loopholes” in U.S. policy. President Trump signed a proclamation that triggers new rules prohibiting illegal immigrants from claiming asylum if they jump the border.

Immigrant-rights groups have already announced a lawsuit to try to stop those rules.

The proclamation was a sign of Mr. Trump’s frustration with the problem.

He said Democrats have obstructed him, yet have offered no answers to the massive numbers of people attempting to cross.

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This is how he can legitimately claim an emergency.

The BP is having to dump thousands of illegals from custody due to overcrowding onto the streets of states like AZ, TX and NM.

This too justifies an emergency.

Then of course we get to the backlog in the immigration courts.

The lac of action by congress over the last several years to address these issues has created an actual, factual crisis so whether it’s politically wise to act through an emergency declaration, it’s certainly justified under existing law and The Constitution.


I guess you missed it when Obama declared climate change an emergency and acted with his pen and phone?

from https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/obama-warns-congress-to-act-on-climate-change-or-he-will/

Obama Warns Congress to Act on Climate Change, or He Will

If Congress fails to act soon, Obama threatened to use his executive authority to regulate carbon dioxide emissions

Obama openly waved the threat of using his executive authority to regulate the release of carbon dioxide from industry sources if lawmakers fail to “act soon.” He suggested that Congress reconsider legislation similar to the cap-and-trade bill pursued in the past by Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) and retired Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.), a program that continues to be reviled among many Republicans.

“But if Congress won’t act soon to protect future generations, I will,” Obama said. “I will direct my Cabinet to come up with executive actions we can take, now and in the future, to reduce pollution, prepare our communities for the consequences of climate change, and speed the transition to more sustainable sources of energy.”

Which was followed by the EPA deeming carbon dioxide a pollutant. So democrats have already set the precedent you worry Trump will set.


You should really read up on the Presidents emergency powers, the persons tasked with determining whether an emergency exists under them is the President, not you, or the courts.

from https://www.nytimes.com/2019/01/07/us/politics/trump-national-emergency.html

Still, as a matter of legal procedure, facts may be irrelevant. Before a court could decide that Mr. Trump had cynically declared an emergency under false pretenses, the court would first have to decide that the law permits judges to substitute their own thinking for the president’s in such a matter. The Justice Department would surely argue that courts should instead defer to the president’s determination.

“If any court would actually let itself review whether this is a national emergency, he would be in big trouble,” Ms. Goitein said. “I think it would be an abuse of power to declare an emergency where none exists. The problem is that Congress has enabled that abuse of power by putting virtually no limits on the president’s ability to declare an emergency.”


They would still be able to do that regardless of what Trump does.


Lots of ground to cover here.

Both sides push the boundaries of executive power when they aren’t able to get what they want. Trump isn’t the first and he won’t be the last.

In regards to the wall, he believes strongly in the wall - as do his base followers. Thus far Trump has been able to deliver on many of his campaign promises, but has yet to do so here.

There are many conservatives who desperately want the wall and there are some who don’t really see the need. I’m kind of guessing you might be one of those who don’t believe Trump should follow through.

Here is what I see going forward.

Pelosi won’t budge an inch. Politically Trump will need to do something. I strongly believe he will declare an emergency and reopen the government. His base will see that as a win. As you point out, the courts will likely step in and the ensuing fight will end up in the SCOTUS.

This will set a precedent that DEMs will exploit.

The 2020 campaign message will be for each respective party to elect more of their representatives.

America will then decide what happens next.

All my opinions of course.

Oh and lest we forget. I’m one of those who desperately wants the wall. :slight_smile:


It’s not that I disagree about the wall. On the contrary, I think it is a good idea. Border control agents say so, I take their word for it. Plus walls do deter illegals.

My problem is the implementation by emergency decree and the long term consequences. Let’s say Trump declares an emergency, a court stops him, and eventually the SCOTUS is asked to rule. I don’t know how long this would take, but presumably it would be done reasonably quickly because the POTUS is involved.

And let’s say SCOTUS rules in favor of the administration. Great, so they can begin construction of the wall. But it won’t be happening the next day. But let’s say construction starts early in 2020. A year later a Dem is elected President. He or she not only stops any further construction, but shortly thereafter declares health care is an “emergency” and forces Medicare for All. That’s probably the one thing the left desires the most.

Then, climate change becomes an "emergency’ because it’s hot in NYC in July, so the POTUS says action must be taken because Congress refuses to act.

I’m sure you can see where I am going with this. So even if Trump and Rs win in the short term, this will all be for nothing if Trump loses next year. And that will be true even if Rs retake the House and keep the Senate, which is quite unlikely.

Besides the fact I don’t think it would be constitutional, the long term consequences can be very, very bad.


How? Gun control as national emergency.

Let libs try it…it will backfire in heartbeat.

As for climate change let them try that too…they would in effect kill our economy…which most libs would love to do.