đź”´ President Trump's First Oval Office Address


The White House:


The Hill:


Praying for a declaration of a national emergency.



That was a good address. I think it was smart that he didn’t declare a national emergency. He put the blame at the feet of Congress which is exactly where it belongs.


Nancy Pelosi is already spewing bullshit from the break.

No security, no goverment.


The Dems screwed up. Pelosi and Schumer went too hostile in light of the president’s speech.

Also, Pelosi was slurring every other word.


The Democrat response was weak, short, full of lies and repetitive BS. Neither of these incorrigible idiots mentioned their previous agreement (as expressed by Schumer, Clinton and the Divider in Chief, Obama) with the President’s stance that a barrier is essential in defining and protecting our southern border.

Democrats are HYPOCRITES and LIARS!!!


To HELL with Democrats!

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When you don’t have a position you can stand on, what else can you do but go on the attack? I’m not sure why this is remotely surprising. It’s Democrat party politics 101.

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Maybe she’s had a stroke. Maybe she was inebriated.

Schumer’s left eyelid was drooping also. Maybe they’re both on drugs.

I do know that they are both hypocrites!

What a weak “rebuttal.” At least Donny had some facts. Sure there were some emotional appeals in there, but that wasn’t his only talking point. Those two old loons literally just said “Wall doesn’t work, Trump’s making everything up.” without backing up a single point.

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Democrats are rats, they betrayed America, and did everything to push socialist agenda and propaganda.

They ruined America to the point of no return. It’s over.

I had CBS on. Jeff Goff, the anchor, said Pelosi and Schumer would be giving the response, and that they would be "fact checking’ Trump’s speech.

Two things. First of all, since when does the opposing party give a response to a POTUS giving an oval office speech? Secondly, how much “fact checking” did this same media ever do for Obama?


I thought the speech was good. I’m glad he mentioned the tragic death of the police officer in CA, it’s a scandal that as far as I know not a single Dem commented on it.

However, I’m not sure a single mind was changed tonight. Certainly no one in the D party.

…and this after numerous former border patrol officials have testified regarding the effectiveness of the walls, both older sections and recently constructed sections.

Democrats have no goal more important to them than making Donald Trump fail at every effort he makes to protect and improve this country.

They are anti-Trump, anti-Democracy and anti-American.

To HELL with Democrats!

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Yes, the Democrat response was really, really weak.

Misinformation, the President has chosen fear not facts… LOL…Really? All Trump did was cite facts.

Schumer looked absolutely evil while Pelosi was speaking.

Complete CYA on their part.

Very true, Joanne.

All I saw was democrat ego and stupidity on display. Complete disconnect from what the majority of America wants and has wanted for decades.

I skipped that, have no desire to listen to their stupid talking points.

However, I rather like this tweet. :joy:


That’s why I didn’t bother to listen to their response. Besides that, no opposing party has ever been given a chance to reply to an oval office address. That’s supposed to be reserved for SOTU.

Did anyone else feel that Pelosi and Schumer looked mentally imbalanced? Pelosi’s botox-lift-botox lift regimen has made her look creepy. Schumer looked vaguely threatening, and like he had a mild stroke with one drooping eye. They blathered, but I don’t think they won over anyone outside the progressive loons.

LOL, I kind of liked this as well